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Is skin cancer itch?

Skin cancer will not have itching, but there are also a few parts of the repeated proliferation dedue caused by the skin epidermis.In this case, it is best to go to the dermatology for a pathological examination.

Skin cancer is a common malignant tumor.Mainly: basal cell carcinoma, squamous carcinoma, malignant melanoma, malignant lymphoma, specially hemorrhagic sarcoma, karosaosarcoma, sweat adenocarcinoma, bulge fibrous sarcoma, vascular sarcoma, etc.Therefore, skin cancer here refers to these two types of tumors.Skin cancer will not itch, and only a few people will cause slight itching caused by repeated hyperplasia due to skin epidermis.This is best to go to the dermatology for a pathological examination.The incidence of skin cancer in Europe and the United States is high, and its incidence is higher, mainly because genetic factors have been exposed to the sun for a long time.In the early stage of skin cancer, there are generally no obvious clinical symptoms, mainly due to local skin redness, and local skin abnormal hyperplasia.If the skin tumor develops to a certain extent, the surface of the skin will be broken, or it will not heal for a long time. Even if it is treated with anti -inflammatory drugs or anti -inflammatory drugs, it cannot be fully recovered.

Precautions for skin cancer are: First, daily care: pay attention to skin cleaning to avoid scratching.Actively exercise, improve physical resistance, and enhance disease resistance.Try to avoid traveling between 11 am and 3pm, because this time is the strongest.Try to minimize direct contact with suspected carcinogen to find non -carcinogenic alternatives.Secondly, diet adjustment: It is recommended to eat more qi foods, such as japonica rice, lotus root powder, jujube, longan, litchi, mushrooms, carrots, yam, lentils, beans, quail eggs, etc.It is recommended to eat more protein -rich foods, such as beans and products, eggs, milk and its products, lean meat, etc.Eating vitamin A, B vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin E should be eaten.Avoid spicy and irritating foods.Avoid allergic foods such as shrimp and crabs.

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