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Is the anal “small meatball”, is it hemorrhoid or intestinal cancer?Reminder: You must figure out these 3 differences

What is the experience of doing hemorrhoid surgery?A 22 -year -old girl who has shared her painful experience:

1. Hemorrhoids that have been carried hard for 5 years, I can’t stand it anymore

At the age of 22, I have been troubled by hemorrhoids for 5 years!Five years ago, I didn’t know the world, and found that I was suspected of hemorrhoids, and I dared not tell the truth to my family. I guess it is related to the pits that I like to eat barbecue, spicy strips, spicy spicy foods, and spicy hot and spicy.Essence

So I searched various methods of treating hemorrhoids from the Internet, and bought the ointment by myself.

Later, the small meatballs were getting bigger and bigger, which finally led me to constipation or even unable to excrete normally. Every time I went to the toilet, I needed to turn on the manual mode and stuffed the meat ball back. I thought it was a bit terrible, so I had to go to the hospital.inquiry.

2. The pain after surgery made me “unforgettable life”

Finally, I came to the local well -known hospital for treatment of hemorrhoids with a tired body and a small meatball that followed me for 5 years.The expert looked at it with a professional eye, staring at me and said, “It can really be dragged, no longer surgery, it will be pus.”

Long pain is not as good as short pain. I immediately asked an expert and surgery 3 days later.To say what it feels at the time, there was actually no perception during the surgery, but as soon as the postoperative anesthetic retreated, the feeling of pain began.

From 9 pm to 12 o’clock, the hands began to make numbness, and then the legs, the hands kept stretching, a bit like the feeling of cramps, the chrysanthemum was always painful.I couldn’t sleep all night, and I was crying silently in the quilt alone.

At that time, my entire brain was always broadcasting: chrysanthemum residue, full of wounds, my smile was yellow …

3. The first stool after surgery: like being cut by a knife

For the first time after surgery, I would like to be called the stool of the new life. Now when I think of it, I will goosebumps.

At that time, I needed to take out the gauze from the chrysanthemum. I felt like I kept cutting my ass with my ass. After a while, I was accompanied by a knife -like pain. I felt that I did not pull the stool, but the blade!It can only be said that the suffering of hemorrhoids is unable to experience one or two.

1. Your hemorrhoids may be more serious than expected

According to statistics, the incidence of anorectal disease in my country is 59.1%, of which hemorrhoids account for 87.25%.

Many people think that hemorrhoids are a piece of meat group that stimulate hyperplasia. In fact, it is not meat, but a soft blood vessel group.When the veins under the end of the rectal rectal and under the anal skin occur, the blood stasis is formed and condensed into a mass.

Most people’s hemorrhoids are related to eating, such as spicy people, often easily cause constipation and diarrhea. These are high -risk factors that induce hemorrhoids.In addition to eating spicy, eating too much meat, and insufficient intake of vegetables and fruits, it can also cause constipation, which will lead to worsening hemorrhoids.

However, in addition to dietary factors, standing, sedentary, and squatting for a long time will cause pressure on the anus, which will affect hemorrhoids.

How painful is it with hemorrhoids?The feelings of many people are inseparable from the words “pain”, “torment”, and “cry without tears”.

Although hemorrhoids can have no symptoms in the early stage, everyone thinks that “irrelevant”, but as hemorrhoids develop, bleeding decreases, but it will cause spray -like bleeding.When the formation of external hemorrhoids, it will cause edema, infection or necrosis, and severe pain will occur at this time.

Second, the “small meatball” grows in the anus, is it intestinal cancer or hemorrhoids?

Clinically, 80%of rectal cancer is the first symptom of blood in the stool, which is similar to hemorrhoidal blood in the stool, which has caused many patients to be misdiagnosed.

Early rectal cancer is not typical. In addition, Chinese people do not have high awareness of rectal cancer. They are neglected to colonoscopy. For the early stool, difficulty in defecation, and loss of desertation that can be caused by rectal cancer, they are regarded as symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Although hemorrhoids and rectal symptoms are similar, there are still obvious distinction between the two:

1. Blood color

Hemorrhoid blood in the stool is caused by the anal exit, caused by friction, and the blood is bright red; intestinal cancer blood in the stool is due to intestinal tumor bleeding, the blood flow is small, and it is often dark red.

2. Blood in the stool

The amount of bleeding caused by hemorrhoids is relatively large. The paper towels have obvious blood and are not mixed with stool; bleeding caused by bowel cancer is often wrapped in stool.

3. Anal feeling

Patients with hemorrhoids will not involve anus during bowel movements, and intestinal cancer patients can cause anal pain, which is mainly a sense of falling.

Of course, in addition to symptoms, the difference between the difference between the two is an important examination.The anal finger test is metaphorical to “one finger magic”, which is not only easy to do, no equipment is required, but also about 75%-80%of rectal cancer can be found.

Therefore, when there are anal pain, changes in defecation habits, changes in traits, and anal pus, the anal fingering dialectics should be performed in time.

Third, do you want to cut the hemorrhoids?

The pain of hemorrhoid surgery has caused many friends with hemorrhoids to stop, do you have to perform surgery if you get hemorrhoids?In fact, you need to see the development of the disease.

There is no discomfort for external hemorrhoids. Generally, special treatment is not required. Pay more attention to solving in diet.However, if external hemorrhoids are discomfort, you feel the surrounding humidity, itching, and severe pain, which will cause vigilance, use drugs to relieve swelling and pain in time, or consider surgical resection.

For internal hemorrhoids, if the hemorrhoids are removed, they can be returned by themselves, and they can choose conservative treatment; if they cannot return it by themselves, they may need to do surgical and other methods. If you have continuous blood in the stool, please seek a doctor’s help in time.

It should be noted that hemorrhoids cannot be eradicated. Whether it is conservative treatment or surgical treatment, hemorrhoids are still needed.First of all, you must develop good bowel habits, develop regular toilets, and control the time within 15 minutes; if the toilet at home is a toilet, you can bring a small bench, which is more conducive to defecation; you should eat more fruits and vegetables in dailySpicy food, strengthen exercise, promote intestinal peristalsis, and prevent constipation.

The incidence of hemorrhoids is high, and the lifestyle of modern people is inseparable. To prevent hemorrhoids and stay away from intestinal diseases, we must pay attention to correcting bad living habits.

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