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Is the breast suddenly overflowing milk, is it a precursor to breast cancer?These 4 reasons cannot be underestimated

Ms. Lin came to the manuscript to tell her troubles. She is still single. Some time ago, she accidentally found that her breasts had secretion overflowing. She looked at it carefully, which surprised her.

Isn’t it a postpartum woman to have milk? There is no sexual life, let alone getting pregnant. How can this happen? Is there any disease?

First, why do you have no sexual life?

Under normal circumstances, women only have milk overflowing only after childbirth, and unmarried women do not secrete milk because they have prolactin -proof factor in the hypothalamus. If the symptoms of milk overflowing are also known as hypertomicin, the incidence of women in the childbearing age is as high as 5%to 17%.

Hyperminemia is caused by excessive secretion of prolactin. In addition to milk overflow, patients are often accompanied by symptoms such as menstrual disorders and even amenorrhea, hair loss, headache, weight gain, and visual disorders.

There are many reasons for hyperburnemia, mainly pituitary obstacles, hypothalamic hindrance, primary thyroid dysfunction, nerve effects, and drug elements. In addition to hypercultin ledmia, there may be these reasons for unmarried women with milk overflow:

Physiological factors

Some women may cause milk overflow may be caused by physiological factors. They usually appear on young women. Because breasts are target organs, they are easily affected by endocrine.

The endocrine hormones of young women are more vigorous and active, so the breasts are more likely to be affected by endocrine, so a small amount of overflow may occur in the nipple, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Breast disease

Breast diseases may also cause milk overflow, such as breast hyperplasia, papilloma in the breast duct, breast acute inflammation, and breast cancer.

If it is a benign breast disease, the color of the nipple discharge is usually yellow and brown; and malignant tumors such as breast cancer are usually red, white, or dark red overflow, especially blood -colored overflows appear unilaterally. Be wary may be breast cancer.

other factors

For example, some systemic diseases may also cause nipple overflow. For example, pituitary adenomas are prone to symptoms of milk overflow; and some drugs can also affect hormones in the body and cause nipples.

Second, the high level of prolactin is caused by the high level of prolactin?

Line -linsein is also known as prolactin, a polypeptide hormone, one of the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland. If the level of prolactin is too high, it may be related to these reasons:

Thyroid problem

A variety of hormones in the human body may affect the secretion level of prolactin, such as thyroxine, estrogen, etc. If thyroid dysfunction is reduced, it may cause indirect effects on the secretion of prolactin, resulting in excessive high levels of prolactin.

Pathological or hypothalamic cerebral lesions

The secretion of prolactin secretion is affected by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. If the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus occurs, it may affect normal function and cause abnormal prolactin secretion. For example, pituitary micro tumors may cause the level of prolactin to rise many.


Some drugs will inhibit the release of prolactin release inhibitory factors released by dopamine and other hypothalamus, or enhance the promotion factors of prolactin release, which leads to an increase in prolactin levels, such as morphine, blood leveling, stability, ethyl, and oxylidine.

In addition, oral contraceptives, estrogen drugs, and pyramid hormone release hormones and other drugs can also affect the level of prolactin.

Third, if the level of prolactin is found to be too high, do you need treatment?

Excessive prolactin can cause women’s menstrual disorders and amenorrhea, and seriously affect fertility. Therefore, the general treatment goals are to restore normal menstruation, ovulation function, and improve other symptoms.

If it is just a check that the level of prolactin is found, patients with no clinical symptoms usually only need to observe with the clinic and do not need special treatment.

Patients with pathological alcohol levels are first treated according to the disease. For example, pituitary corinoma can be treated with dopamine excitement, such as “bromidine” for treatment.

Patients who are not suitable for drug treatment can also choose surgical treatment. In short, it is necessary to determine the patient’s own situation in terms of treatment.

Each woman should pay attention to breast health. If there is no special case, but liquid overflow is not found, they must be vigilant and go to the hospital to check the cause in time. If it is caused by disease, it should be treated in time.

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