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Is the cancer vaccine reliable?These two types of vaccines can effectively prevent cancer. Have you hit it?

Can you “destroy” cancer cells by vaccination? Do you believe it?



Recently, the co -founder of the German biotechnology company Biontech said in an interview with the BBC that MRNA -based cancer -based cancer may come out by 2030.

It still takes more than ten years before the vaccine listing. What is the development of cancer vaccine?Is there a cancer vaccine?

First, men’s test medicine, can cancer vaccine really eliminate cancer cells?

Cancer has always been one of the diseases that humans are difficult to overcome. The development history of cancer vaccine is full of tragedy. For decades, there are only one product. Only one product is listed in the United States. It is not popular after listing. It is very sad.

Tom Malaysia is a scientist studying cancer. At the same time, he is also a cancer patient and fights for cancer throughout his life.In 1999, Malaysia’s mother was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer and later died unfortunately.

After the death of the mother, Malaysia was determined to develop a drug that can treat cancer.After hard work, Malaysia’s research on cancer drugs Zykadia made a major breakthrough.

Unfortunately, Malaysia was also found to have three phase colon cancer.

Malaysia knows that the tumor in the body will break out sooner or later, but before the outbreak, he still has the opportunity to fight.

As a result, Malaysia quickly adjusted the lifestyle after the diagnosis.He put on running shoes, insisted on running 6 miles a day to enhance immunity, and also shared his treatment experience with other colon cancer patients.

During the struggle with colon cancer, unfortunate news came again, and Malaysia was found to have melanoma, so he lost the opportunity to clinical trials.

Malaysia did not give up, and won the opportunity to participate in clinical trials of personalized vaccines.It is a pity that due to the deterioration of the condition, he failed to participate in clinical trials and died in 2017.

The cancer vaccine will come out before 2030, is it reliable?

Many people ask: What does the ideal cancer vaccine look like?The ideal cancer vaccine needs to meet the following conditions: to reduce tumors and try to eradicate residues, establish long -lasting anti -tumor memory, avoid non -specific or adverse reactions.

As the largest biotechnology company in Europe, BIONTECH has been studying MRNA cancer vaccines before the new crown.

Although the new crown epidemic broke out worldwide, BionTech focused on the development of new crown vaccines and successfully developed a new crown vaccine with Pfizer, but also promoted the progress of the development of cancer vaccine.

Just some time before, Modner and Merck jointly announced the cooperation of cancer vaccines.

At present, the cancer vaccine is evaluating with Merck’s anti-PD-1 therapy Keytruda as an auxiliary treatment of patients with high-risk melanoma in Modner’s second phase of clinical trials.

At present, cancer vaccines developed by companies such as BIONTECH and Modner are a therapeutic vaccine.After inoculation of cancer vaccine, the human body’s immune system can be activated to attack tumor cells.

However, unlike ordinary vaccine prevention of diseases, the treatment of cancer vaccine only plays a therapeutic role and can prevent the recurrence of tumor.

Despite the current situation, the development of cancer vaccines is still very difficult, and it needs to overcome major difficulties, such as protecting immune effects that may be weak, and the lethality of tumors may not be strong enough.

However, it is of great significance to prevent recurrence after surgical tumor and for surgery.

Third, two types of vaccines that can prevent cancer, did you hit it?

Although the cancer vaccine has not been fixed, the current HPV vaccine and other vaccines can be indirectly prevented of cancer. The vaccination should be vaccinated in time to reduce the risk.

Hepatitis B vaccine

Hepatitis B is closely related to liver cancer. Liver cancer is a step -by -step chronic onset process. It will go through trilogy: hepatitis B → liver cirrhosis → liver cancer.

In other words, if hepatitis B is not effectively controlled, hepatitis B virus will continue to copy in stem cells. In order to resist hepatitis B virus, the liver will produce some fibrous tissue hyperplasia, leading to liver fibrosis, that is, cirrhosis.Further development of liver cirrhosis can lead to liver cancer.

So is there any way to prevent hepatitis B?Hepatitis B vaccine is the best way.

After the hepatitis B vaccine is vaccinated, the body will produce effective hepatitis B surface antibodies to reduce or avoid hepatitis B infection.However, it should be noted that with the extension of time, the protection of hepatitis B surface antibodies will also be reduced.

Remind everyone, pay attention to the following 2 points when vaccination with hepatitis B vaccine:

1. Objective to vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine

It mainly includes newborns, infants, and unprepared crowd under 15 years old, as well as high -risk groups such as medical staff, people who accept organ transplants, and low immunity.

For women during pregnancy, allergic to hepatitis B vaccine, allergic constitution, hepatitis B virus infection, patients with sexually transmitted diseases, patients with severe chronic diseases, etc., are not suitable for vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine.

2. Regular testing of high -risk people

For high -risk groups, regular testing should be performed.For children and adults with normal immune function, there is no need to detect antibodies.

HPV vaccine

HPV is a human papilloma virus, which is closely related to the occurrence of cervical cancer, anal cancer, vulvar cancer, and some skin diseases.HPV vaccine is a vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer, also known as cervical cancer vaccine.The results of clinical studies show that the prevention effect of HPV vaccine on pre -cancer lesions is close to 100%.After inoculation of HPV vaccine, the protection can last at least 8-10 years, and there is no evidence that the protection effect will disappear.

At present, there are three types of HPV vaccines: two -valent, four -valent, and nine valence. The main difference is that the types and quantities of the vaccine prevent virus are different. The higher the price, the more virus types and quantities that can prevent.

Generally speaking, my country’s second-valent HPV vaccine is suitable for women aged 9-45. The quadrimal HPV vaccine is suitable for women aged 20-45, and the nine-valent HPV vaccine is suitable for women aged 9-45.

Therefore, no matter what vaccine is, it is effective for reducing the risk of disease to a certain extent.Although the cancer vaccine has not yet been developed, we should still have to fight for vaccines that can indirectly reduce the risk of cancer.


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