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Is the cervix smooth cervical cancer?

There is generally no direct relationship between the cervix smooth and whether the cervical cancer is.

The occurrence of cervical cancer is mainly related to HPV virus infection. Female patients with sexual life may infect HPV viruses, but some female patients can remove HPV viruses through autoimmune function.Only about 2%-5%of female patients will develop into cervical cancer.The onset of cervical cancer is relatively long. Generally, it takes about 5-10 years, and even longer to develop cervical cancer.Cervical cancer screening is more important. It can be made early, early diagnosis, and early treatment, thereby reducing the mortality. It can also prevent cervical cancer by vaccination HPV vaccine.HPV is the abbreviation of human papilloma virus. HPV is divided into two categories: high -risk and low -risk types. Low -risk HPVs generally do not cause cervical cancer, but only cause benign changes in the reproductive system, such as condyloma acuminatum, and high -risk high -risk, and high -risk high -riskLong -term HPV infection can cause cervical cancer.Women with smooth cervix, if infected with high -risk HPVs and continuously infected for a long time, are prone to cervical cancer.Therefore, women who are married and childbearing age should conduct cervical cancer anti -cancer every year, including TCT and HPV examinations. If HPV is negative, it is generally not easy to suffer from cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer patients should eat more vegetables and fruits containing vitamins in their daily lives, such as spinach, cabbage, etc., which can increase the body’s immunity, reduce risk, and protect the immune system.Patients can also eat some lean meat, peanuts, etc., rich in zinc, selenium, and usually can also eat some soybeans and soy products, such as soy milk, tofu, etc. to supplement the hyperplasia of the epidermal cells, and reduce cancer.The division of cells.

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