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Is the child a “little yellow man”?It may be a disaster caused by high jaundice

In clinical medicine, high jaundice is a very common phenomenon. High jaundice will cause newborns to appear sclera, mucous membranes, and skin into yellow. It can be described as the “little yellow man” in reality.

Generally speaking, if the child has a physiological jaundice, it only needs to be treated with reasonable treatment and will gradually improve; and once the child has pathological jaundice, he must pay attention to and actively treat it.

Many parents may be puzzled. What are the reasons for the high jaundice? What are the symptoms of different types of jaundice? Don’t worry, let Xiaobian solve these problems of parents.


What is the “little yellow man”? Reasons for the high jaundice of newborn

1. Too much bilirubin

Many neonatal red blood cells are destroyed by excessive damage and increased bowel and liver circulation, which make the serum unbound and bilirubin increase, which causes jaundice.

2. Liver bilirubin metabolism disorder

When the function of low -inges and bilirubin in hepatocyte intake occurs, it will also affect the combination of serum and bilirubin, which will eventually cause jaundice problems.

3. Bile excretion disorder

When a newborn stem cell excretion occurs, it may also cause the problem of high jaundice.

What are the symptoms of “Little Yellow”? Symptoms of neonatal jaundice

First of all, the physiological jaundice, children with mild symptoms may only appear light yellow on the neck and neck. This yellowish skin color may spread to the trunk and sclera, but generally slowly slowly within 2 or 3 days. Removal;

Children with severe symptoms may have yellow throughout the body, and even vomiting and cerebrospinal fluid may occur. Although physiological jaundice is lighter than the pathogenic jaundice, it is best to ask the doctor for the safety of the baby to give the baby a safe growth guard.

The pathological jaundice is usually more urgent, and the child may have a systemic yellow dye and lasts a long duration. The symptoms of yellowing yellow usually do not slowly disappear over time, but may become more serious.

If pathological jaundice is not treated in a timely and effective treatment, children may have many symptoms such as anemia, abnormal body temperature, vomiting, loss of appetite, and abnormal urine. There is no doubt that pathological jaundice is huge for newborns, and the worst case may be fatal.

The above is the relevant content of the symptoms of high jaundice. If parents cannot be in good condition, whether the jaundice of its own baby is physiological or pathological. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid greater risk damage. occur.

Many older generations in life think that it is normal for newborn babies to have jaundice, and even think that they can take more babies to bask in the sun, but if they encounter pathological jaundice, the tragedy that may eventually cause is almost devastating. All in all, whether it is physiological jaundice or pathological jaundice, it is necessary to be treated under the guidance of a professional doctor, and negligence is inexplicable.

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