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Is the child dwarf or “late”, don’t make mistakes!Miss the golden treatment period, delay for a lifetime

Zhang classmate’s mother is 160cm tall and his father is 170cm tall. He has been shorter than children of the same age since he was a child. At first, Zhang’s parents thought that the child was just “late” and didn’t care.

Ms. Zhang said: “The child’s father is not tall when he was a child. After his teens, he suddenly came up. We thought the child was with his dad. My dad and I were not short. I always felt that the child would not be too short. “,”

Until now, Zhang is 16 years old and less than 160cm tall, which has attracted the attention of parents. They took their sons to the hospital for treatment. The age of bone age showed that the bone age was 18 years old. Children will not grow taller.

The tall man undoubtedly brings a natural advantage and self -confidence in various fierce competition. Although many Bao dads and Baoma worked hard to supplement their nutrition, they ignored the height of the children.

Some parents are lucky that their children can grow to 18 years old. Now they are short because they have no time. As a result, they missed the golden period of the children’s long -term man, and then regretted it when they went to the hospital.

According to statistics, the incidence of short -term symptoms in children in my country is about 3%, of which only 1%of patients consciously seek medical treatment, and less than 1 ‰ of patients who really receive treatment.

Professor Sun Jia, Professor Sun Jia, the Department of Endocrine metabolism of the Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University, pointed out that the problem of not tall classmates had a chance to avoid it.

Scientifically understand children’s “late long”

The old concept believes that children are divided into “early long” and “late long”, which is an important reason why children’s dwarf diagnosis and delaying the best treatment period. Professor Sun Jia specially reminds parents here that they must correctly understand children’s short symptoms and take a scientific attitude towards the child’s “late” problem.

Children are “late”, parents need to figure out these major problems

1. How can it be really short?

Many parents don’t know how to judge whether their children are really short. Sun Jia pointed out that if there is the following situations, you must be alert to whether the child has slow growth:

▲ Before 3 years old, the height speed is less than 7 cm/year;

▲ At the age of 3 to adolescence, the high speed is less than 5 cm/year;

▲ In adolescence, the height is less than 6 cm/year.

In a similar growth environment, the child’s height is half a head (5-10cm) lower than his peers for a long time.

2. What is dwarf?

Diagnose based on:

1. Two standard deviations of the average height of children in the same age and the same gender of the same age and the same gender;

2. Slow growth, growth rate is less than 5 cm per year;

3. Bone age lags behind the actual age of more than 2 years.

Third, the factors that affect the height of children?

▲ Congenital factor: Hereditary.

70-80%of the height of the human body depends on genetic potential, and the height of parents has laid the foundation for children’s height.

Boy’s expected height = (father height+mother height +13)/2 ± 5 (cm)

Girl’s expected height = (father height+mother height -13)/2 ± 5 (cm)

(This calculation formula is for reference only)

▲ acquired factors: nutrition, sleep, hormone secretion, body shape, etc.

Part of the short situation may be caused by special diseases.

4. How to deal with “dwarf”?

The “three early principles” of dwarf is early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment. According to the survey, 90%of children with low dwarfs suffer from psychological or behavioral disorders such as inferiority, depression, and introvertedness of different degrees, which may affect all aspects such as further education, employment and marriage.

In the “Three Early Principles” of Dwarf, it also emphasizes the important position of “early discovery and early diagnosis”, which will be directly related to the prognosis effect of children.

How to get early and diagnose early

1. Give your child to regularly measure height

It is generally measured once a quarter.

You also need to learn the skills to measure the height. Under 3 years of age, generally use supine positions to measure the length; children over 3 years of age performed a positive height measurement.

At the same time, we must pay attention to three principles: at the same time, the same measuring person, the same ruler.

2. Dynamic monitoring data

The measured height data is compared with dynamic monitoring below. If it is found to meet the small standards, you should seek medical treatment in time.

3. Go to the hospital for examination in time

The doctor will combine a series of clinical examinations to judge the cause of the children’s dwarf.

For example, check bone age through X -ray, observe the time and size of the orthopedic centers, judge the actual degree of development of the bone, and predict the lifelong high of adults through bone age.

Under normal circumstances, the difference between bone age and actual age should be between ± 1 years old, and it is abnormal to fall behind or too advanced.

Growth hormone stimulation test is also an indispensable link to determine whether the child is deficient in growth hormone.

After the series of inspections, the child can finally diagnose whether the child belongs to the dwarf, and diagnose and treat it according to different causes.

The treatment of short dwells, the earlier, the better the effect

Sun Jia pointed out that the diagnosis is clearly diagnosed, and intervention should be adopted early. Parents should not be lucky!

Children at the age of 3-12 are the best treatment period. Through nutritional guidance, sleep guidance, exercise guidance, mood guidance, disease prevention and other scientific height management plans, it can promote human growth hormone secretion and improve their height.

If the height of the height caused by endocrine abnormalities and other diseases, the intervention of daily life is unlikely to help the height of the body to achieve normal values, and it is necessary to accept professional diagnosis and treatment. It is expected to achieve genetic height or break through genetic height.(Correspondent Peng Ruiyu)

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