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Is the contraceptive pill valid within 72 hours?

When women do not intend to have a child, if they have a relationship with the opposite sex, they must take contraceptive measures, but now there are many young people who have a relationship with the opposite sex, but the impulse after drinking I did not prepare enough contraceptives, and I was worried that they would be pregnant afterwards. This situation made some female friends want to know whether the contraceptive pill will be effective within 72 hours, so today I will take you to understand contraception Is the medicine valid within 72 hours?

Will contraceptives be effective within 72 hours? It mainly depends on which type of contraceptives are used. Generally, long -acting contraceptives and short -acting contraceptives are pre -house contraceptives. It is not effective after use, and emergency contraceptives belong to the type used after the housing market. This contraceptive pill is effective within 72 hours.

However, after the use of emergency contraceptives, there will be some adverse reactions in the body, because the main components in long -acting contraceptives and short -acting contraceptives are progesterone and estrogen. Efficacy, the main component of emergency contraceptives afterwards is only progesterone and no estrogen. Therefore, it will have certain damage to the ovaries and uterus, and it will also have a certain effect on intestinal function. Menstrual disorders, acute bleeding, and dizziness and vomiting, but these symptoms usually gradually fade back after the drug power disappears.

The number of contraceptives after use should not be too much. It should not be used more than three times a year. If the emergency contraceptive is used frequently, it is likely to cause endocrine disorders, which will seriously affect the appearance of people’s fertility and cause infertility.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone understands. Is the contraceptive pill valid within 72 hours? It is hoped that all female friends can have a correct understanding of the effects and types and side effects of contraceptives. Try not to let yourself an accidental room or accidental pregnancy. After pregnancy, the abortion of emergency contraceptives will have great harm to the body. If you do not use emergency contraceptives for artificial abortion, it will be more damaged to the body.

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