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Is the new crown related to immunity?

Is the new crown related to immunity?

Is the new crown related to immunity?The new crown refers to the new coronary virus. The new coronary virus is generally related to immunity.

The new coronary virus is a disease caused by new virus infections. Patients will have a asymptomatic incubation period in the early days. After that, symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and general weakness may occur. Some patients may also have symptoms such as diarrhea and decreased taste.If the patient’s immune ability is relatively low, when the patient is exposed to the new coronary infection virus, it will not be able to resist the invasion of the virus due to low immunity, increase the patient’s disease, and the speed of the disease will be relatively fast, so the new coronary virus willIt is related to immunity.

You can eat more protein -rich foods in daily life, such as eggs, soy milk, tofu, etc., which can supplement the nutrients needed in the body, and can improve the body’s immunity. You must also pay attention to exercise in daily life, such as running, such as running, such as running, such as running, and running.Swimming and others can help strengthen physical resistance.In addition, we should pay attention to correctly wear masks when going out, and try to avoid public places where people gather.

Because the new type of coronary virus is generally susceptible and contagious, it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening personal protection. When going out, you must wear a mask. Try to use surgical masks as the main way to reduce clustered activities, do good hand hygiene, work hard, and ventilated, Appropriate exercise should also strengthen nutrition, avoid tiredness, and do not stay up late.

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