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Is the two throat sugar really “throat savior” when the throat is uncomfortable?Notice!Some throat sugar may be just candy

The high incidence of throat diseases in spring. For citizens who are deeply plagued by throat diseases, the throat sugar is easy to carry. After the food, it gives people a cool and comfortable sense, which has become a commonplace for many people. However, many people did not notice that most of the throat sugar sold in pharmacies and supermarkets was not a medicine, and there was no treatment effect.

Yesterday, Jiangcheng experts reminded that the throat is uncomfortable. Don’t eat the throat sugar in a mess. You should seek medical treatment in time for symptomatic treatment.

Women blindly eat laryngeal sugar to cause throat inflammation

The 20 -year -old Tingting (pseudonym) facial features are exquisite and beautiful, but the figure is a bit round. Recently, when Wuhan is hot in spring, when the weather is suitable, Tingting always takes time to take a walk to the East Lake to lose weight. After half a week, Tingting felt that her throat was dry and itchy. When I heard that there was a good effect of moisturizing the throat sugar, she went to the pharmacy to buy a box. As long as she was uncomfortable, she would eat one immediately and eat more than ten a day.

At first, the throat and pain could be relieved to a certain extent, but after eating for a week, Tingting found that her throat was getting more and more painful, so she came to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Wuhan Central Hospital for treatment.

After laryngoscope examination, Wen Chong, the attending physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, diagnosed her acute pharyngitis. After clarifying the cause, she prescribed Chinese medicine conditioning and told her to stop using the throat sugar. After treatment, Tingting’s symptoms have improved significantly.

Wen Chong reminded that the use of laryngeal sugar blindly can cause pharyngeal flora dysfunction, decreased immunity, and delay treatment. It is best to use it reasonably under the guidance of a professional doctor. If it is not treated in time, it may also affect other organs of the body.

Most of them are ordinary foods without the treatment effect

The reporter visited many businessmen and pharmacies in Jiangcheng found that many brands have launched a variety of throat moisturizing sugar. Some brands have a variety of different flavors to choose from, which are favored by young people. The staff of a pharmacy in Wuchang told reporters that after the spring, the sales of throat sugar increased. In addition to the common throat sugar in the supermarket and pharmacies, some imported throat sugar also sells hot on the network platform, and the most sold stores have a monthly sales of thousands. Among them, in the introduction of a “throat savior” import laryngeal candy, it is said that it contains Chinese medicine ingredients such as licorice, star anise, honeysuckle, etc., which has a good effect on clearing heat and removing fire. Customer service staff said that this laryngeal sugar does not have the requirements for consumption and can be eaten as candy.

The reporter searched for “moisturizing sugar” on multiple shopping websites. The names of the products appeared in various products, some were directly called moisturizing sugar, and some were marked with good sugar, slices, and throat refreshing. Most of these throat products have added Chinese medicinal materials such as Luo Han Guo, Fat Sea, and many of them claim that they have a relief effect on the throat.

It is understood that the current laryngeal sugar on the market is mainly divided into three categories, including non -prescription drugs marked with “OTC”, health foods with “small blue hats” logo, and ordinary foods logged in “QS”. However, the reporter observed that most of the major merchants and the sale of the online platforms were mostly ordinary foods.

In this regard, Wen Chong, the attending physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Wuhan Central Hospital, said that although the food of food moisturizing the throat sugar can alleviate throat discomfort to a certain extent, but there is no treatment effect. Although the dosage of the medicine contained in the food of the food does not meet the standard of the drug, it must not be taken too much.

Deng Kebin, chief physician of the Department of ENT Department of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that pregnant women, diabetic patients, and those with spleen and stomach deficiency should be cautious. Some moisturizing sugar contain iodide, musk, borneol and other ingredients, which may affect early pregnancy; long -term adaptation of diabetic patients can cause blood sugar abnormalities and cause blood glucose instability; If you serve, it may damage the spleen and stomach, causing cold pain and diarrhea in the abdomen.

He reminded that there are many causes of swelling of throat. If citizens are uncomfortable with throat, they should seek medical treatment in time and find the cause of the cause.

How to judge whether the throat sugar is “sugar” or “medicine”?

Methods to see the approval number

There are approval numbers on regular medicines and health products. Drugs will marked “Chinese Medicine Font+Alphabet+8 -digit Numbers”, and health products will marked “National Food Health Gh or J+8 -digit numbers.”

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Method 2 inspection identification

The non -prescription medicine logo “OTC”; there is a “little blue hat” on the packaging of health products; if there is no non -prescription drug logo, no health food logo, and no approval number, only the “QS” certification logo is only ordinary food.

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