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Is there a lot of night urine?

After Lao Li retired, his life is very relaxed every day. It is reasonable to say that this situation should get better and better, but recently he found that the number of times the number of times he started at night was significantly increased. Sometimes he even got up all night and even climbed four four times. Five times, seriously affecting normal sleep.

At first, he felt that he was older. This was a normal manifestation of the aging of the body organs and did not pay much attention. However, this phenomenon has always existed, but he was a little doubtful that he didn’t know that there was a problem with his body. Some people said that the abnormal urination was a bad kidney. He thought, would he be an abnormal urination caused by his poor kidney?

Perhaps many elderly people have such a phenomenon: 4-5 times in the night, or even more than 6 times, frequent urination at night, resulting in a serious decline in sleep quality.

1. How many times are it normal at night? There is a calculation formula for night urine

Under normal circumstances, after dinner, if you do not eat, drink less water, the metabolic rate in the body will decrease after sleep, and the blood flow rate will change accordingly. The amount of urine will be less than the day.

Professor Deng Junhong, Director of the Men’s Department of People’s Hospital of Guangzhou First People’s Hospital, reminded that the number of nights of night urine was called more than two nights. Some patients with incomplete renal dysfunction, heart dysfunction, hypertension, and diabetes are prone to increasing nighturia. The increase in nocturia on the elderly may be caused by the increase in prostate.

We can judge whether we have an increase in nocturia through three methods.

1. Under normal circumstances, the number of urination during the day will be 4 to 6 times, and at 0 to 2 times at night.

2. It can be judged according to the amount of urination. The urination volume at night should be about a quarter of the day. If the number of night urine is found> 500ml, you also need to be vigilant;

3. You can judge whether the yinur increase is increased according to your own weight. The night urine of 60kg of weight should be within 600ml.

Second, what happened to “getting up at night” at night, is it a kidney loss?

After many people have increased nighturia, they will naturally associate with kidney deficits. Is there really a causal relationship between the two?

From the perspective of Western medicine, there are many diseases that cause increasing nighturia, including urinary system diseases and metabolic system diseases.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it may be related to kidney deficiency. The kidney is known as “water dirt” in Chinese medicine. It is responsible for the metabolism of the whole body. It can excrete excess wastewater in the body. Once the kidney qi losses, the metabolism of the water and fluid will cause problems, which will easily increase the night urine abnormality.

Although the increase in yin urine may be caused by deficiency of kidney qi, it is not recommended that ordinary people’s daily blind nourishing kidney, blind tonic may have some adverse effects on health.

Third, if there is more night urine, five diseases that are vigilant or hidden in the body

It should be noted that the increase in abnormal yin urine is often caused by disease factors, and these five diseases are more common.

Prostate disease: The most typical symptom of this disease was increased at night urine, due to the prostate hyperemia caused by compression of the urethra. With the increasing obstruction situation, frequent urination will become more and more serious, and even urine -free in the later period.

Kidney dysfunction: In the night of sleep, the kidneys will condense urine to the highest point to reduce the production of urine. Once the renal function is abnormal, the urine will not be concentrated normally, and the increase in nocturia at night is also prone to occur.

Diabetes: The most typical symptoms of diabetes are “three more and one less”. Due to the rise in blood sugar in the body, the body can only increase drinking water to dilute the blood for metabolism. After the amount of drinking water increases, the urination volume will naturally increase. Patients with increased nighturia diabetes at night may be caused by damage to renal function due to long -term high blood sugar.

Cardiovascular disease: Patients with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, if it is unfavorable to control the condition for a long time, it will easily lead to decreased kidney concentration function, and then cause abnormal yinur urine. Some patients with chronic mental dysfunction increase the blood flow in the kidneys due to poor physical circulation, which leads to an increase in luminuria.

Urban diseased diseases: Many elderly women have an increase in nighturia due to problems such as urethritis, uterine prolapse, and cystitis. There may be obvious tingling sensation during urination.

Fourth, refuse to be a night home, teach you 3 methods to improve

In response to the increase in yinur, we must first clarify whether it is caused by the disease factors. It should be treated for standardized treatment due to the disease. After the primary disease is treated, the increase in the increase of the night urine can naturally be relieved. Some of them can be improved through these three methods for physiological reasons.

1. Drink water for limited time before going to bed

Some elderly people are afraid to get up at night, and dripping water before going to bed. In fact, drinking water is good for reducing blood viscosity. As long as you pay attention not to drink too much, you love to drink as much as possible when you are sleeping. If you feel thirsty, it is recommended to take two sips at about 30 minutes before going to bed. Do not drink a lot.

2. Reduce salt intake

British professor of Bristol University, Derek Averson, did a study, found that reducing the intake of salt and reducing the number of nighturia. It is recommended to have a lighter daily diet and strictly control the salt intake (<6G).

3. Do anal lifting exercise

With the increase of age, the strength of the pelvic floor muscles will weaken, and the elasticity of the bladder is not as good as before. It may be a little urine, and a stronger urine will appear. In life, anal lifting exercise can also be performed appropriately to exercise the functions of bladder sphincter and anal muscles, which can help reduce the number of nights at night. The method of moving the anus is: inhale first, then lift it on the anus, tighten for 3 seconds, then exhale, relax for 3 seconds, 5 to 10 minutes each time.

There are many reasons for the increase of the increase in the number of nighturia, which may be related to the kidney, but it is not necessarily the kidney is not good. Night urine is abnormally increased, causing vigilance, and be careful of diseases. When the body is abnormal, you should seek medical treatment in time to find out the cause and treat the symptomatic treatment. If it is caused by physiological factors, you can adjust it from the aspect of life. Do not drink a lot of water before going to bed. Pay attention to salt intake in your diet, and actively exercise to improve the night situation.

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