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Is there a problem with Beijing Koxing New Crown Vaccine?

Is there a problem with Beijing Koxing New Crown Vaccine?

The Koxing vaccine refers to the new coronary virus vaccine, which belongs to an active vaccine.Is there a problem with Beijing Kexing New Crown Vaccine?

The synthesis of Beijing Kexing New Crown Vaccine is simple and has high safety. It is mainly used to prevent new coronary virus infections.The principle of activating vaccine is to use physical and chemical methods to make the new coronary virus lose infectivity and replication, and at the same time retains the active structure that can cause the human immune response.It will not cause disease and can produce antibodies to prevent infection of new coronary virus.

In addition, the constituent structure of the new Coronatte vaccine is similar to the natural virus. It also has strong immune capacity, relatively safe, and relatively stable.The new -type coronary virus vaccine usually needs to be vaccinated, and the vaccination interval between 2 doses is recommended to be ≥3 weeks, and the second dose should be completed as soon as possible within 8 weeks.If the symptoms of suspected new coronary virus such as fever and fatigue, it is recommended to perform a new type of coronary virus antigen detection to clarify the specific situation and actively treat it.In addition, it is recommended that people who do not belong to the new coronary virus vaccination contraindications are actively vaccinated to effectively fight the infection of new coronary viruses.

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