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Is there a “restricted area” for infants and young children to drink milk?

There is no “restricted area” for infants and young children to drink milk

A few days ago, a short news reported that some ingredients in milk would promote the growth of cancer cells. This statement has no scientific basis.

Milk contains almost various nutrients needed by the human body. Its nutritional value is incomparable to any food in nature. It is the best source of calcium in the human body. It also contains rich high -quality protein. Anti -cancer effect. The staple food of artificially feed is milk, and milk is an important supplementary food and add food for breastfeeding.

China is a big country, but it is a “small country of milk.” Why do the Chinese “afraid” drink milk? The reason is that there are too many “restricted areas” ————

喝牛奶会“上火” 什么叫“上火”?一般是指中医所说的“火气上炎”的症状,如目赤肿痛、咽喉肿痛、口舌生疮、头面生疖,也包括肝Symptoms of face redness and dizziness caused by hyperthyroidism. The above symptoms have nothing to do with drinking milk, and it is impossible to “get angry” even in the hot summer season.

The context of the phrase “not to drink on an empty stomach” can be described as a god yellow. Even if people are empty in their stomachs, they must not be able to provide energy from foreign foods. The reason for the “not to drink on an empty stomach” is that high -quality proteins are “burned”, so they should eat some biscuits at the same time.

Artificial feeding is drinking milk on an empty stomach, and you don’t eat biscuits. So, where does the energy come from people during activities? The answer comes from glycoga. The original hepatosaccharides maintain blood glucose levels, and the original muscle glycogen is transformed into glucose, which is burned.

Where does the glycogen come from? The blood glucose after meals is increased, the insulin secretion increases, and the secretion of high blood glucose is reduced. Under the common action of enzymes, glucose enters the liver and muscles, and stores it in the form of glycogen. The protein in milk must be decomposed into amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract and is absorbed, and then synthesize the various proteins required by the human body. There is also an interesting outsider: Soy milk is also rich in high -quality protein, but I do n’t hear that soy milk should not drink on an empty stomach.

Drinking milk will contain lactose in milk. Lact sugar is useful. It can promote calcium absorption, and it is also conducive to the growth of lactic acid flora in the intestine. Unfortunately, about 1/5 of the Chinese lack lactase, so lactose is not resistant to show mild diarrhea. But there are few lactase in infants and young children.

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Worried that sugar will affect the absorption of amino acids. The Chinese people drink soy milk with a lot of sugar, but no one has always raised objections. It is not a problem if you add sugar. In addition, some people say that they can’t eat fruit immediately after drinking milk …

Why not eat milk after drinking milk, because the more people’s food, the better, the human stomach is a “temporary warehouse” that accepts various foods, and it is impossible to open a “isolation area” for milk. Therefore, you should not make all kinds of “restricted areas” for drinking milk.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)


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