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Is there a variety of insulin?One article understands

Speaking of insulin, everyone must have heard of it. As a hormone that regulates blood sugar, insulin plays an important role. If there is lack of insulin in the body, it can cause symptoms such as excessive blood sugar and diabetes. When insulin in the body is insufficient, insulin needs to help the human body maintain blood sugar balance.

Because insulin has the effect of directly reducing blood sugar, it is mainly used to treat diabetes. For diabetic patients, insulin is absolutely indispensable. However, most people do not know insulin, and even do not even know that insulin is classified. Taking this opportunity, let me briefly introduce it today.

Insulin classification

According to the length of the drug, insulin can be divided into the following 5 categories.

Ultra -short insulin

Common ultra-short-effect insulin (such as dorshow insulin and preserved insulin) starts 10-20 minutes after skin injection, 1-3 hours reaches peak, and sustainable effects can be 2-5 hours. This medicine can be administered under the skin immediately after meals.

This type of insulin has a fast effect, and the continuity time is short. It is mainly used to control postprandial blood sugar. It needs to be used more a day, which is often matched with other blood glucose control drugs.

Short -acting insulin

Common short-acting insulin (such as ordinary insulin and regular insulin) starts 30 minutes after skin injection, reaches the peak in 2-4 hours, and sustainable for 6-8 hours. It is used for medicine half an hour before the meal.

This type of insulin continuity is longer than that of ultra -short insulin, but because its dynamics does not match human insulin secretion models, there are currently relatively few clinical applications.

Medium -effective insulin

Common medium-effective insulin (such as low-sized protein zinc insulin) starts 1-4 hours after skin injection, 4-12 hours reaches peak, sustainable effects of 18-24 hours, more than 30 minutes before breakfast to 1 hour under skin injection.

This type of insulin is mostly used with short -acting insulin, but because it is difficult for medium -effective insulin to absorb and injection difficulty, there are relatively few clinical applications.

Long -acting insulin

Common long-acting insulin (such as seminal zinc insulin, glycry insulin injections, and dial insulin) starts 2-4 hours after skin injection, 12-20 hours reaches peak, and sustainable effects are 24-36 hours.

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This type of insulin is injected once a day, which is suitable for type 1 and 2 diabetes, but it is slow and cannot be used to rescue patients with diabetic coma.

Premix insulin

Common pre-mixed insulin (such as mixed injection of mixed insulin spermic protein in the door) starts 30 minutes after skin injection, reaches peak in 2-12 hours, and sustainable effects of 16-24 hours.

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