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Is there any rescue of liver cirrhosis? How to treat liver cirrhosis?

Is there any rescue of liver cirrhosis? At present, liver cirrhosis disease cannot be completely cured. Generally speaking, the main purpose of treatment of liver cirrhosis is to improve the quality of life of patients and extend the time of survival. At present, hepatic cirrhosis Generally, comprehensive therapy is mainly based on comprehensive treatment, including many aspects, for example, pay attention to improving patients’ diet and nutrition, taboo irritating foods, such as tobacco and alcohol, irritating food, etc. Although liver hardening cannot be completely cured, if it can be treated regularly, it can be treated regularly In the case, it can also control the patient’s condition.

Is there any rescue of liver cirrhosis?

1. General treatment

Including bed rest, restricting water and sodium intake. Diuretic therapy such as dual -hydrogen hydrogen urine is taken every other day or 1 to 2 times a week. Allybenzine, take it after meals. Mainly use Anwang Shutong and rapid urination. If the effect of diuretic is not obvious, it can gradually increase. Diuretic treatment is advisable to reduce the weight of no more than 0.5 kg per day, so as not to induce hepatic encephalopathy and liver and kidney syndrome. Those with ascites gradually decrease, and diuretics can be gradually reduced.

2. Add intravenous infusion albumin

Repeat a large amount of abdominal effusion and intravenous infusion leukin: used to treat refractory peritoneal effusion. Put the abdominal effusion 3 times a day or 3 times a week, and at the same time infusion of albumin. Improve plasma collagen osmotic pressure per week with a small amount per week and multiple intravenous transmission plasma or albumin. Patin effusion is concentrated in the treatment of refractory peritoneal effusion, or is accompanied by hypotonic capacity status, hypolisymia, hyparmanemia and liver and kidney syndrome, and a large number of abdominal effusion caused by various reasons Urgently need to relieve symptomatic patients.

3. Liver transplantation surgery

It is suitable for end liver diseases that are invalid in conventional internal surgical treatment. Including difficult to reverse abdominal effusion; portal hypertension, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding; severe liver function damage (chILD grading C level); liver and kidney syndrome; hepatogenic encephalopathy with permanentity; the foundation of liver cirrhosis; Paratorial liver cancer. Therapeutic drugs include interferon (ordinary interferon, long -acting interferon) and nucleoside (acid) analogs (Ramifidin, Adefovir ester, darbivardin, Entica, Konofovir, Krav, Krav Fixed). Antibacterial drugs that are mainly targeted at Gram -negative bacteria and take into account Gram -positive bacteria. Such as three generations of cephalosporin, Cisabine star and so on. Adjust antibacterial drugs based on the results of the drug allergies and the patient’s response to treatment. The medication time is 1-2 weeks.

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