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Is umbilical umbilical carcinoma a type of bladder cancer?

Ureutal cancer is generally a type of bladder cancer.

There are many types of bladder cancer, of which ureter cancer is a special type.The origin is different from the urinary epithelium of the bladder, which mainly originated from the outer layer of the bladder and gradually invaded the inner layer of the bladder.As the tumor grows, it can be transferred to lymph nodes, liver, lungs, bones and other organs.The special manifestation of ureteral carcinoma is related to the position of the tumor. If the tumor is located at the far end of the ureter, the tumor gradually compresses and pierces the bladder, and hematuria and dysfunction may occur.Tumors located in the middle of the umbilical urethra can invade the abdominal wall, and patients may have abdominal pain or the lower abdomen touch the mass.When the tumor of the proximal umbilical umbilical umbilical tube is ruptured, the mucus or bloody liquid can flow out of the umbilical hole.

It is recommended that patients usually maintain a good mood and avoid angry irritability.At the same time, pay attention to physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve immunity.

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