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Is Valentine’s Day coming, will “show love” be “divided fast”?

The Valentine’s Day is coming. Single dogs with mobile phones, are you ready to meet the sweet crit of the big couples in the circle of friends?

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Looking at the couples with a smile of smiles, it is estimated that many people will mumble in their hearts: “Showing affection all day long, be careful.” However, in fact, showing affection does not necessarily divide quickly.

The “show love” in your eyes is not really “show”

Upload the appointment pictures, take screenshots of transfer records, show off Valentine’s Day gifts … The “show love” behavior in your eyes in the circle of friends is not all “showing”.

Many times, these seemingly “show” behaviors are just the bits and drops of couples in recording their lives. It is a way to communicate between couples. This way of communication based on social media platforms can actually make communication. The effect is stronger and can deepen the feelings between couples.

After loving “show out”, couples will seriously “implement”

In social media, the moment the couple showed out the pictures that have been carefully screened and beautified, they have created a relatively ideal romantic relationship for each other.

In this ideal state, couples usually consciously move closer to their ideals, work hard to maintain each other, and prove their love quality through practical actions, and this is also conducive to the feelings between couples.

Friends blessings like, increase the sense of recognition of feelings

After publishing the beautiful pictures and texts, couples may be praised and blessed by many relatives and friends.

Under this encouragement, the couples will have a subtle change in their minds. They will think that they have found a good destroyer, thereby increasing the recognition of feelings.

Obublic to sovereignty and avoid “crazy bee wave butterfly”

After going out of the love show, it is equivalent to declare the “control of power” of the object, and at the same time, it also shows that he is “famous and the master”.

In this way, those who “look at themselves” will be consciously respectful and no longer disturb, so as to avoid the “crazy bee and wave butterfly”.

It can be seen from the above that the person who shows love may not be divided quickly. Xiu love, sometimes it is more conducive to the construction, reinforcement and maintenance of feelings. This Tanabata, if you have love, try to show out!

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