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Isn’t male “combat effectiveness”?Doctor: Most of them are habitually harmed together, change it as soon as possible

Xiao Jiu Zeng naively thought that people who did not sleep at 3 or four in the morning should just be chasing long series, brushing boutique to buy, and unsatisfied games …

Until today, the “Star Couple” announced on Weibo that the nine -year relationship was over. The woman vomited bitter water on Weibo to reveal that the man went to the hotel at 3 or four in the morning, and even made ” After many people exercise, I found that people who stay up late may still do something that cannot be described, dim lights, shaking red wine glasses, and shaking double beds.

The woman questioned, where is the sexual interest in the middle of the night? For the men of these late -night party, the problem to face is that medical research confirms that people who stay up late are basically difficult to “be blessed.”

Stay up late for love action movies is actually not “sexual blessing”

The ancients once had Yun “three more greedy, and did not eat in the middle of the night.” For men and women with all time, the joy of the bottom of the bed is wonderful, but the time is wrong and often a great discount.

In a survey of a married woman in my country, most wives said that her husband was unwilling to go to bed, and when she had been sleeping into a dream hometown or sleeping, she would be “warm”. After more than 12 o’clock, it is not a good time for sex life.

What’s more, after three or four o’clock in the morning, the survey showed that 46%of women would explain the needs of her husband because “it is not the case.”

In addition to the unsuitable state of psychology, the body actually has the same representation. For some men, the sexual life is too late, which will cause the morning in the morning to lose morning. This is one of the reference criteria for men’s health. Over time, it is easy to make it easy to make Men lack passion.

For the woman, staying up late will make the vagina lack of lubrication, and it is easy to cause disgusting. Over time, it may form a cold or sexual disgust.

A medical research electromagnetic display, compared with people who sleep less than 6 hours a day, couples who sleep for more than 6 hours are more harmonious and sexual satisfaction is higher. Sleep in 7-8 hours of partners, the highest degree of satisfaction.

Men staying up late, it is easy to affect sexual function

Deputy Chief Physician Yuan Chunyun, deputy chief physician of Hunan Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute, said that staying up late will inevitably lead to various diseases in neurasthenia, decreased vision, memory loss, and physical immunity. For boys, men who often stay up late will also affect their sexual function.

The main manifestation is that staying up late can easily cause the male hormone metabolic disorders secreted by men, especially men who do not sleep often, which will consume a lot of male hormones to maintain their daily energy, which affects the normal synthesis and metabolism of the body androgen. Once After disorder, it is easy to reduce sexual desire, and the problem of erectile dysfunction occurs.

In addition, some studies have shown that the quality of men’s sleep quality has a direct impact on sexual life. If the daily sleep time is less than 6 hours, the probability of erectile dysfunction is greater.

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In the end, people who stay up late often sit and move for a long time. Over time, prostate inflammation is likely to induce the occurrence of prostate inflammation, the local temperature of the testicular is increased, the internal blood circulation becomes slow, and the reproductive ability is indirectly affecting the reproductive ability.

The deputy chief physician of the infertility college of Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, if staying up late for a long time will cause hyperthyroidism. But hyperthyroidism is relatively false, it comes quickly, the erectile period of the penis will last very short, and it will cause premature ejaculation and even prostate diseases.

Therefore, men who are advised to “work hard” in the middle of the night will sleep well and will have more sexual blessings.

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