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Isn’t the child grow tall?Doctors’ support: Master 6 “secrets”, rise and rise again

Xiajiang was 05 months in December this year, and her height was only 146. The mother of Xiajiang hoped that her height could reach 160, but the Xiajiang of Xiaojiang in the first day was already menstruation. I heard that it was difficult for girls to grow taller after the early menstrual tide of menstruation.For this reason, Xiaojiang’s mother was very worried, and she was looking for a way everywhere.

1. Girls do not grow taller after the early menstrual tide?

This statement has no scientific basis.Generally speaking, the age of girls is fluctuating. Generally, between the age of 10 and 16, the first tide of most girls occurs from 12 to 14 years old.With the advent of the beginning, height development began to appear.

When most girls were 11 to 12 years old, their bodies began to increase suddenly.Some girls who come earlier at the beginning of the first tide will increase even when they are 8 or 9 years old, and the one -year increase can reach 7 to 8 cm.Usually, after the beginning of the initial tide, the height will be 8 to 10 cm in height.Of course, this is not absolute, and there are individual differences.

In theory, the bone of the human legs will be closed at the age of 24 at the latest, so everyone has a chance to grow taller before the age of 24.But everyone’s physical condition is different, so this is not a clear growth dividing line, but only the last time node of the bone closure.

Second, there is 6.5 cm potential height beyond the height

The improvement of living conditions and changes in social concepts, people want all their children to have long legs, and even many people are taking calcium supplementation for children.Mao Jingxia, an expert and chief physician of the Child Health Management Center of the East District Children’s Hospital, said:

The heights may contain a large amount of estrogen. Although it has promoted growth, it also causes bone crickets to close in advance, which affects the ultimate height.In addition to genetic height, children with development have 6.5 cm growth potential.

The factors of height account for 70%, the environment accounts for 30%, and the average value of height has a calculation method:

Girl = (Daddy is height+mother height -12 cm)/2;

Boy = (Dad’s height+mother height+12 cm)/2;

On this basis, everyone has a range of about 6.5 cm.In addition to genetic factors, environmental factors, diet, exercise, and external natural environment, etc., have an impact on children’s height and physical development.

Third, 6 moves to help children grow higher

Genetic factors cannot be changed, but environmental factors can be used as long as the child’s growth environment is guaranteed, then it is not a problem.

Do more vertical exercise: Children can do more upward movements, such as jumping rubber bands, kicking, and various ball movements.Young people can do high jump, basketball, volleyball and other exercises;

One hour of sun exposure every day: sun exposure can increase the synthesis of vitamin D, which is good for calcium absorption;

Sleep guarantee 8 hours: growth hormone can only secrete a large quantity when sleeping deeply. Young people sleep enough 8 hours a day to ensure the development of the body;

Try to squat as little as possible: often squatting will cause poor blood circulation in the leg, and further affects the bone bent outward, which is not conducive to the growth of children;

In addition to letting children do more things that help grow, it is also necessary to avoid the situation that is not conducive to the growth of children.

Don’t sit all day: young children sitting and playing all day, which is not good for physical development and coordinated ability. Only if the body moves can the joints pull the joints, have long bones, and stimulate cartilage development.Therefore, the child should be moved from an early age;

Don’t eat too much: Many parents love their children and let them eat too full, which will inhibit the secretion of growth hormone, because growth hormones will only secrete a lot without being hungry.It is too full to eat, not only easy to obese, but also not long.Children eat, just eat eight.

In addition, not taking children to outdoor activities, waking up prematurely in the morning, and supplementing calcium for children, this will interfere and affect the normal growth and development of the child.So for parents, creating a suitable healthy environment is an important feeling for ensuring children.

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