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It emphasizes that girls are the best age of childbearing. How old is the best age of men?

In real life, everyone seems to care about women’s best fertility age. When girls reach the age of 25, people around them will urge girls to give birth to baby quickly, so as not to miss the golden age of childbirth. Everyone is emphasizing the best age of girls, so do men have the best age?

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The answer is yes! Men’s age is also important to fertility. Some experts believe that the best fertility age of women is between 25-30 years old, while boys are between 25-35 years old because the body is the strongest during this period. It can create good physical conditions for the development of the embryo, and it is relatively mature in mind, and it is economically affordable. The conditions for raising children are relatively superior.

“Daddy” question many questions

Many people think that no matter how old they are, they have fertility. Although there is no shortage of “Lao Lai Zi”, men can give birth too late, which may induce multiple problems, such as:

1 ‘Reduce his wife’ s fertility. Studies have shown that if a man is 35 years old, the probability of his wife’s pregnancy will be reduced by 3%each year.

2. Increase the risk of miscarriage. Studies have shown that if the wife has an unknown repetitive abortion, or it is related to her husband’s sperm quality, and with the growth of men, sperm quality will gradually decrease, which will be more likely to induce breeding problems.

3. Increase the probability of children’s disease. Statistics show that the prevalence of children and mortality will increase with the age of parents. At present, about 20 diseases have been found to be related to their father’s aging, such as deformities, congenital fool, type 1 diabetes, and cartilage.

For pregnant men, pay attention to these points

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1. Pay attention to reproductive health. Men are best for physical examinations every year to understand their own health, and to investigate problems such as prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, and dexterous veins.

2. Develop good living habits, quit smoking and alcohol, especially in the first half of pregnancy, do not smoke and drink, minimize staying up late, actively exercise your body, and enhance your body’s resistance.

3. Stay away from pollution. Avoid radiation damage, try to stay away from air pollution and water pollution caused by industrialization, and avoid abuse of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides.

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