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It is also good for children to watch TV

We say that children’s love for “mechanical information” will get high -efficiency replication results, such as children can quickly recite advertisements, imitate character conversations, and so on. Parents can allow their children to obtain such information through these channels, and with this reasonable and scientific collection process, children will gradually form a good order, rigor, and sustainability.

However, the question that parents need to pay attention to are:

Protect your child’s vision and control the playback time. (We recommend that children watch TV for a total of more than 30 minutes daily)

Do not play the volume to prevent the production of “noise”.

Standardize viewing content. It is best to have been screened by the parents. Do not choose to take the child to the TV to watch.

In the process of watching TV with children, parents should help their children to achieve the extension of logical thinking as much as possible.


Discuss TV content with children;

Ask your child to ask “Why?”, “What do you think?”, Etc.

Copy the TV content in real life. For example: After watching “Animal World”, you can take your child to the zoo and so on.

It is particularly worthy of emphasis: If parents do not pay attention to methods and methods in other similar mechanical collection activities, as a more typical “mechanical interest source”, TV may cause children to “abandon learning” in the future. One main factor.

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Because the teacher in the classroom cannot be compared with the speed of the TV’s information playback. If the child depends on the frequency of the TV’s information playback, then the teacher will be “slow” in the face of the teacher who does not have vivid pictures. Open the small difference, look at the blackboard hair, etc.

Therefore, parents must understand the possible consequences, try to achieve the balance of mechanical interests and the balanced collection of live interest in the process of cultivating their children. It must have sufficient understanding of the harm of watching TV for a long time.

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