It is awesome to watch TV to lose weight 12 tricks

Obesity is closely related to watching TV. Watching TV is a few hours, and if you keep eating snacks, this habit is not weird. Today, I recommend 12 tricks to watch TV to lose weight. These little tricks can not only lose weight, but also will not delay the favorite TV show for a second. Try it.

1. Intermittent two -minute skipping rope, repeat 4 times (consuming 111 calories).

2. Advertising time climb the stairs or indoor leg lifting (heat 42 calories).

3. Stand in front of the sofa, slowly squat, stop the hips when the cushion is close, keep the posture for 1 minute. Repeat 4 times (consuming 80 calories).

4. Lie on the side of the floor, raise the leg for 5 minutes (50 calories of calories).

5. Beton around the circle for 1 minute. Repeat more than twice (consumption of 20 calories).

6. Go to the toilet and run, squatting in the urine (hot 30 calories).

7. Grasp 3 pounds (about 1.4 kg) dumbbells and other heavy objects, hold your hands over the top of your head, the elbows and ears are flat, and the upper and lower weights. Repeat 3 groups of action (consuming 17 calories).

8. Sit on the fitness ball and practice abdominal muscles for 1 minute. Repeat 4 times (50 calories consumption).

9. The fitness ball is a bench, sit for 1 hour, and practice the core muscle group (hot 38 calories).

10. Standing 1.5 meters from the front of the TV, 5 minutes for the bow and pressing legs (37 calories).

11. Lying in front of the TV, sitting up and sitting, keeping movement for 1 minute. Repeat twice (35 calories).

12. On the sofa, hold your legs high and kick your legs quickly until the end of the advertisement (hot 30 calories).

(Intern editor: Li Xing)

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