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It is best not to empty the stomach before the ECG examination

In order to ensure the accuracy of ECG detection, it is best not to empty the stomach before testing, because this may occur with hypoglycemia, causing the heartbeat acceleration, which affects the accuracy of the test results. In addition, do not do ECG testing in a hurry, because patients need to keep their bodies relax and feel stable. Therefore, you should rest for 10 minutes before the test to keep breathing uniformly. Do not speak during inspection, otherwise interference will occur, affecting the clarity of ECG. If you have electronic products such as watches and mobile phones, it is best to take it down and put it aside to avoid interference with ECG. Finally, it is best to wear some easy -to -resolve clothes, which will also be convenient to check.

If it is a physical examination, master the order of examination: first draw blood test, then check the hepatobiliary B -ultrasound, then eat something, take a break for 10 ~ 20 minutes, and then do an ECG test.

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In addition, those who have done an electrocardiogram in the past should hand over the results or records of previous reports to the doctor for easy control. Taking drugs will also affect the results of the examination. If you are taking foreign yellow, potassium salts, calcium and anti -arrhythmia, you should also tell the doctor in advance.

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