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It is better for children to eat eggs and steamed eggs

Some parents like to use boiled eggs to add sugar to their children. Because bacteria and parasitic eggs in eggs cannot be completely scalded, they can easily cause diarrhea. There are “mouse typhoid Salmonella” and “enteritis Samen” in the eggs.And suffering from typhoid fever or enteritis;

If the egg does not contain live bacteria and only a large amount of toxins exist, it is manifested as acute food poisoning. The incubation period is only a few hours. The onset of the disease lasts for 1 to 2 days. The symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea.High heat, fatigue, etc.

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Various organs in children are delicate and fragile, especially the digestive officer. Its mucosa is still in the process of development and cannot withstand strong stimuli.

For children, eggs are a kind of hard -to -digest food. Don’t think that the more you eat, the better.Eat eggs for children, be sure to cook them. It is better to eat steamed eggs. It is not advisable to flush eggs with boiling water, let alone eat raw eggs for children.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)


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