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It is critical to 7 days after giving birth. Do these things to help Baoma recover

As the saying goes, “having a child is like entering the ghost gate”, just a few words express the pain and danger of the mother to experience during childbirth. Although modern medical technology can largely reduce the pain of her mother, the body of Baoma will be very weak after giving birth to a child. This requires good conditioning. If the conditioning is not good, many sequelae will be left. The 7 -day conditioning after delivery is very critical. As long as the mother -in -law does these things, the body can recover faster.

Go out of bed as soon as possible

The child has exhausted the energy of Bao Ma, and it is basically weak to stand. But postpartum uterus will be discharged from dew, and these dew can only restore the normal function in the uterus only in time. If Bao Ma did not get out of bed in time after giving birth, the uterus could not get a good stimulus, which would affect the discharge of lochia, which is not conducive to recovery. Therefore, it is recommended that Bao Ma get out of bed sooner, the better. If it is too weak in the early stage, it is best to walk under the accompanying family.

Light diet and balanced nutrition

The older generations of mothers think that the confinement should be more supplemented, and they will force all kinds of highly nutritious soups and food, thinking that this body can recover faster. However, kindness has done bad things. After birth, Baoma is weak, gastrointestinal motility is slow, and she cannot digest high -nutrition foods at all. It can easily cause indigestion or constipation. It will also exacerbate the pain of the mother’s increase in milk.

Therefore, one week after childbirth, it is recommended to eat lighter to the mother. You can eat red dates or longan, and then eat nutrient -rich foods after a week.


After giving birth, a large number of sweats will cause a lot of sweat. At the same time, the mother of Baoma who is smooth or cesarean will lose a lot of blood. At this time, it is necessary to replenish more water to accelerate the metabolism of the body, so as to help physical recovery.

keep warm

Postpartum body is weak, and immunity will decrease, especially the joints are not completely closed. If you do not pay attention to keep warm, Baoma is prone to backache back pain. A friend of Xiaobian was next to the window because of the bed at home. During the night milk, he didn’t pay attention to keeping warm. Now the whole back is cold and painful.

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Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that no matter which season is confinement, we must put on long trousers and socks to prevent the cold wind invading and better care for yourself.

Postpartum science care is very important. If you want to recover as soon as possible, you must keep in mind the above points!

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