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It is rumored that the child is dripping, and the brain stops developing?Experts tell you when your child should be infused!

With the tireless efforts of the majority of science popularization and doctors, most parents have basically learned that “too much infusion of children is not good”, and further, some parents may know that “do not inject it if you can take orally. Intravenous injection “.

No matter how popular sciences can’t keep up with the speed of the rumor, this is not, circulating on the Internet:

“Medical research shows that a child has a bit drip and the brain stops developing for 7 days. Children who often get drips will increase when they grow up. Don’t give your child the abuse of antibiotics! “

Except for the last sentence, “Don’t abuse antibiotics” is worthy of faith, the previous Tongtong is a rumor.

39 Health Network, please go to Beijing Asian Games Village Meizhongyi and the chief physician of the Pediatrics of Maternal and Children’s Hospital, Li Ying, to talk about the problems about children’s infusion in detail.

For the above rumors, Li Ying said: Alarmist!

1. Children’s abuse of antibiotics is harmful

In pediatrics, intravenous infusion is mainly used in three aspects. The first category is antibiotics, and the second category is supplementation of vomiting and diarrhea. Sign. Li Ying said that many people want to know the harm of infusion to children, in fact, it mainly refers to the effects of antibiotics on children.

① damage liver and kidney function. The organs of young children have not yet matured, and many antibiotics need to be metabolized through liver and kidney. This metabolic process naturally damages the child’s liver and kidney.

② Cause allergic reactions. Some babies are allergic, and one of the side effects of antibiotics is allergic reactions. If you don’t pay attention, you may cause acute allergic reactions.

③ The possibility of deafness. Some antibiotics are ototoxic drugs, which are very harmful to children. The unreasonable use of antibiotics can easily lead to the child’s hearing nerve damage and deafness.

④ Drug resistance. The use of antibiotics in large quantities has enhanced many pathogenic bacteria. Over time, bacterial resistance may appear so -called “super bacteria”, so the strong antibiotics will not work.

⑤ Cause dual infection. If the child is infected with a virus, and then uses antibiotics, it will cause damage to its immune function and lead to dual infections.

Second, the status quo: fewer and fewer children in clinical practice

In Li Ying’s view, although there are still abuse of antibiotics and intravenous infusion, compared with the previous two years, children’s infusion is still less and less.

There are three main reasons:

The first is the change of the child’s disease spectrum. “In the past two decades, children are more likely to suffer from bacterial infectious diseases. This disease is relatively severe and has a large blow to the child’s body. Infectious diseases are less, there is no need to infusion, such as viral colds, allergic diseases, etc. “Li Ying said;

The second is the improvement of the awareness of health and health and the improvement of medical and health conditions. Parents have a deeper understanding of the disease. Generally, after the children are sick, the parents will first take positive measures at home to avoid the worsening of some diseases;

Third, the norms of the country’s clinical use of antibiotics are becoming more and more stringent. “At present, the state’s promulgation of antibiotic grading management regulations is that the clinical use of antibiotics is very constrained, and the indication of antibiotics is also very strict. Most doctors strictly abide by the regulations.”

Third, two extremes: reject infusion and non -infusion

The improvement of parental hygiene consciousness also brings another extreme of aspects -blindly rejected infusion, just like the rumors mentioned at first, obviously exaggerated, no scientific reason, but some people really believe. Li Ying will also encounter similar situations in the clinic, “I don’t want to infusion if I persuade.”

According to Li Ying, in the outpatient clinic, most children do not need infusion. “Of the 10 children, about 7 do not need to be used, but at least one infection is particularly serious and needs to be infused.” Usually, these 1 child is a bacterial infection. In severe cases , Osteomyelitis and so on. “If it is a bacterial infection and the situation is serious, parents do not agree with the infusion. I can’t let him go.” Li Ying said.

“Antibiotics are a double -edged sword. It must be used when it is used. It must be used for high -level ones. It is not possible to use it in a sufficient amount.” Li Ying reminded parents whether the child arrived at the indicator of the infusion of the infusion. Parents cannot judge and must be determined by the doctor.

In addition, parents need to know what liquid is infusal. Intravenous infusion not only uses antibiotics, but also is supplemented. “Children with diarrhea, vomiting, vomiting and vomiting, and vomiting, you need to replenish the liquid. At this time, you lose sugar and salt, which is an electrolyte.”

Contrary to the “blind rejection of infusion” is “non -infusion”. Some parents saw that their children had a fever to 39 degrees and 40 degrees, and they were very uneasy. They thought that drinking medicine must not work and strongly required infusion. The outpatient time is limited and cannot be explained in detail. Some doctors can only agree with the infusion due to this pressure, but the actual situation is that whether the child needs to infusion is not related to the temperature of the body temperature.

“Now that the media is so developed, parents are willing to understand relevant knowledge, but they should have their own judgment and rational analysis. Sometimes those who need to listen to doctors still have to believe in doctors.” Li Ying said.

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