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It is the day that hurts the “bald star” again, you must not think of this cause of hair loss

The hairline is getting higher and higher, the top of the head is getting more and more bald, and the hair is doubled. The actual age is twenty -nine, and the hair volume is 69. The amount of contemporary people is worrying, staying up late, age, abnormal immunity, excessive pressure, endocrine disorders, drugs, genetic and other reasons may cause hair loss.

Liu Dong was originally a guy with a large amount of hair, and now he is indeed a veritable “bald star”. I felt bald, and it was not surprising. Walking on the street, the bald man grabbed a lot.

“I also know a lot of bald heads, but it is an older person, like a person who is bald in her twenties, how many have you seen?” Liu Dong said with a sorrow.

Liu Dong, who has been hair loss for many years, said: “Seeing my sparse hair volume, I think of the reasons for countless hair loss, I feel that I don’t have it with me. I really don’t know why.”

In fact, there is a reason why hair loss, published in Nature, which is published by OBESITY ACCELETES Hair Thinning by Stem Cell-CENTRIC CONTVERGINGIISMS: obesity will accelerate hair loss.

Through two methods of high -fat diet and normal diet, researchers feed mice for a month after feeding mice that some of the chews of mice with high -fat diet disappear, and obese -induced stem cell inflammation signals have strongly inhibited organ regeneration signals, induced hair follicles small -scale small -scale small -scale models Eventually leading to hair loss, obesity seems to reduce hair follicles and significantly accelerate the sparse hair. In addition to our common reasons, we have added another one, that is, obesity!

It is really unexpected that obesity will not only bring various diseases to the body, but not even hair loss.

“The reason for hair loss really happened to me, but I never knew it,” Liu Dong said.

“It seems that I really have to lose weight in the future. In addition to making me healthier, I can not make me less bald,” Liu Dong continued.

Do not want to continue hair loss, then avoid obesity. The “bald star” has another reason to lose weight.

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