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It turns out that some cancer does not require chemotherapy at all, but it will have the opposite effect. Did you recruit it?

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I have a cousin. She is a obstetrician and gynecologist. I found gastric cancer some time ago. The family was very anxious when she knew it. She asked her to do surgical chemotherapy quickly, but she always refused to do chemotherapy.Without receiving chemotherapy, ordinary people may feel that chemotherapy is useless, and chemotherapy may not be cured. It is also a waste of money.

But my cousin is a doctor and should know more. Is it like rumors that “doctors suffer from cancer, 80%will refuse chemotherapy?” Or does the doctor recommend that cancer patients do chemotherapy whether the patient can cure it, because the benefits can be charted.Intersection

It turns out that some cancer does not require chemotherapy at all, but it will have the opposite effect. Did you recruit it?

Chemotic chemotherapy mainly depends on the patient’s condition

At present, chemotherapy has become an important means for cancer treatment, but not all cancer patients need chemotherapy.Whether to choose chemotherapy is determined by the patient’s specific condition. Different types of cancer and chemotherapy effects are very different.

For some leukemia, lymphoma, child cancer and other diseases, chemotherapy should be the first choice.Such cancer surgery is difficult, and the treatment effect of surgery is not as good as chemotherapy.For such diseases, chemotherapy is cost -effective, and the possibility of clinical cure is also high.

Chemotherapy is generally used in the treatment of medium and late period. Therefore, early cancer such as in situ cancer can generally do not require chemotherapy through surgical resection.

A small number of cancer is not sensitive to chemotherapy drugs, such as liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Even chemotherapy is difficult to obtain the expected efficacy, such cancer is not suitable for chemotherapy.Some patients with poor physical functions, or elderly patients over 65 years old are not recommended for chemotherapy.

Because chemotherapy brings to them is much higher than ordinary people, and even the side effects of chemotherapy cannot be recovered.

It turns out that some cancer does not require chemotherapy at all, but it will have the opposite effect. Did you recruit it?

Chemotherapy is “demonized”, I don’t know how many people will hurt

The principle of chemotherapy is to treat chemical drugs, which uses different cells to be carried out differently for chemotherapy drugs.[1] The mechanism of chemotherapy has caused some chemotherapy to kill cancer cells while killing cancer cells.

Therefore, many patients and their families are unwilling to cooperate with the doctor for chemotherapy treatment. They feel that chemotherapy is huge and irreversible. It will also be accompanied by side effects such as weakness, vomiting, and hair loss.

Pan Zhanhe, deputy chief physician of the Cancer Department of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University, said that for chemotherapy, it should be treated dialectically and rationally. Don’t be superstitious or blindly refuse.[2]

Some patients are superstitious chemotherapy, and chemotherapy will never choose surgery, but the role of chemotherapy is limited, and chemotherapy is not suitable for everyone.Chemotherapy often uses other treatment methods to bring better treatment effects.

Some people regard chemotherapy as “flood beasts”, ignore the treatment plan specified by the doctor, and deny chemotherapy. This is likely to make the proliferation of cancer cells from accelerating the control, delay the timing of treatment, and affect the duration of the survival.

Chemotherapy therapy does have certain side effects, because the drugs used in chemotherapy are cytotoxic drugs, but most of these side effects can recover quickly after stopping chemotherapy, so it does not need to resist too much.

It turns out that some cancer does not require chemotherapy at all, but it will have the opposite effect. Did you recruit it?

Whether patients should chemotherapy, doctors have a special evaluation system

Many cancer patients think that the chemotherapy plan developed by the doctor is “here”. In fact, this is not the case.Chen Wenming, chief physician of the Department of Hematology of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that the doctor’s judgment of whether the patient is suitable for chemotherapy is not casual or based on experience, but based on a scientific cancer patient scoring system.

This scoring system was formulated by foreign experts based on many years of clinical experience and was widely used in the formulation of clinical treatment plans.Evaluation generally depends on the comprehensive situation of patients, including both medical history, physical condition, and daily habits.

Chemotherapy is an effective method for treating cancer. It is not a flood beast, nor does it have such a saying that “shortly after chemotherapy”.If you unfortunately suffer from cancer, you need to receive chemotherapy. Do not taboo diseases and doctors, and believe in the power of medicine.

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