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It was only one month since the diagnosis of the woman to the death, and advised: found 5 abnormalities, or brain tumors are in trouble

Brain tumor, a word that makes people shudder.

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In recent years, brain tumors have become one of the serious diseases that endanger human health.It invades people’s brains, stands at the root, and uses an extended “tentacle” as a weapon, and ruthlessly takes away human life.

01. The left eye suddenly invisible, it turned out that there was a tumor in my mind

Xiaoli is a 4 -year -old mother. On the day of the onset, she worked in the middle of the night and looked up to find that she could not see the clock on the wall at all. She could not focus her eyes.

Realizing that she was wrong, she covered her left eye with her hand without finding the abnormality of the right eye, and then covered her right eye. As a result, except for a lap of halo, the left eye could not see things in the distance, even if she put my fingers in front of her eyes,, It’s just a vague residual.

The next day, Xiaoli went to the hospital to hang the ophthalmology department. It turned out that her left eye was only 0.01, and there was a large number of vision.But the cause of the sudden decline of vision is always unknown.The injection of the injection of the nutritional nerves opened by the doctor for a few days has not improved.

It wasn’t until Xiaoli changed to a hospital and did the nuclear magnetic resonance that he found all the culprits of all these culprits -a tumor had grown in his head.Xiaoli, who gets the result of the diagnosis, is difficult to control the inner fear and helplessness.The doctor preliminarily judged that it is a pituitary tumor, and it is recommended to go to a special brain neurosurgery.

After hanging the expert account, the doctor judged that it was the meninge tumor in the saddle area. The meningoma was compressed to the visual intercourse nerve, resulting in a sudden decline in vision.After a doctor’s consultation, Xiao Li will eventually perform craniotomy.Six hours of surgery time, one day later, he returned to the normal ward from the ICU.

The good news came two weeks later. The pathological results showed that the tumor of Xiao Li was benign, and the waiting she was slowly recuperating.

She was lucky, but some people were not favored by heaven.

02. Women suffer from brain tumors, only one year from confirmation to death

40 -year -old Sister Luo is the owner of a clothing store.At the end of last year, Sister Luo always had a headache from time to time. At first, she didn’t care about it. Until the headache was getting stronger and stronger, she was diagnosed with permeable endogenous bridge gum tumors after going to the hospital.

What is even more worse is that the doctor pointed out that the prognosis of this disease was poor, and the survival period was about 9 months.Despite the active treatment of Sister Luo, she was unfortunately recurred in November and left the world.Sister Luo had only one year since she was diagnosed with her death, and her family was distressed.

1. Brain tumors are mainly benign, do not be scared by the word “tumor”

Let’s first understand what a brain tumor is. Brain tumors are better to occur in children and elderly people over 70 years old. Most of the causes of diseases are unknown, with primary and secondary nature.

Director Sun Caixing, the leader of neuroma in the Tumor Hospital of Zhejiang Province, pointed out that the incidence of brain tumors is not high compared to other tumors, and the incidence of cranioratal tumors is about 10/100,000 each year.

Clinically, brain tumors are mostly benign, such as meningioma, pituitary cell tumors, and nerve sheath tumors.As long as positive treatment, most patients can achieve good prognosis.

And these benign tumors are hidden, and some patients may not find tumors in their brains for a lifetime, or accidentally discovered during the physical examination.

For malignant brain tumors, it is mostly gel tumor. Among them, the more serious glue female celloma. The prognosis effect is a few months in a few months due to the differences between each person.

Even malignant brain tumors are not incurable, some patients can obtain long -term survival through comprehensive measures such as surgery or chemotherapy.So don’t be scared by the words of the brain tumor, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment.

2. Continue 5 symptoms, vigilance or brain tumors

Early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment are still a measure for the treatment of brain tumors.What kind of manifestations of the body need to be alert to the brain tumor?

Dizziness, headache: Headache is a common symptom of brain tumor, often manifested as persistent dull pain, or occasionally jumping pain.Some patients with brain tumors will also increase headaches when they change their position, such as when bending over or sneezing, cough, etc. to increase intracranial pressure.

Vomiting: The human skull cavity is relatively closed. After the tumor grows inside, the growth of the tumor will cause the pressure in the cranial cavity to rise.Therefore, when there is an unknown cause of continuous seizures and vomiting, the possibility of increased intracranial pressure should be taken into account, and intracranial tumors or other intracranial lesions are suspected.

Mental abnormalities: When the brain compression is compressed to the front brain tissue of the Erian, it may also cause mental abnormalities. The clinical manifestation is that emotion becomes indifferent, the response is slow, the memory decreases, the memory is smirked from time to timeChange and so on.

Visual disorders: As the tumor continues to grow, the optic nerve atrophy causes vision, which causes vision to decrease and blurred vision.The retina of the eyes is a little, shelled, shelled, and even causes blindness.Some patients also have vision defects, and they need to tilted their heads to look at the full picture of the image.

Lost olfactory: When the tumor compresses the bottom of the frontal lobe, it can also cause the loss of smell, or the smell of olfactory, smell the abnormal taste that does not exist.

Third, prevent brain tumor, do a good job of prevention

The prevention of brain tumors cannot be ignored, and these three points are done.

The first level of prevention is the prevention of the cause, that is, the combination of smoking and drinking, combining work and rest, strengthening exercise, and staying away from possible carcinogenic factors, and developing regular and healthy living habits;

The secondary prevention is the prevention of the onset of the disease, which can be discovered early and the early treatment; the third -level prevention refers to the active treatment of patients with brain tumors, and regular follow -up review can be rehabilitated.Malignant brain tumors are a big health killer in humans, but brain tumors can prevent it to a certain extent. Everyone should raise awareness of prevention, protect health, and stay away from diseases.


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