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Itchy and painful … What is the cause of cowhide?How to cure?

Psoriasis, that is, psoriasis, is a chronic hyperplasia skin disease -induced immune abnormal hyperplasia derivative of multi -gene genetic factors. The reason why psoriasis is called psoriasis is because it is a chronic skin disease that is easy to recur and not easy to cure.

Psoriasis makes the patient very distressed. Itching when the disease is sick, and the scratching will break the blood flow, which will seriously affect life treatment.

What are the causes of cowhide?

There are many causes of psoriasis. The point of view of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the onset of psoriasis is mostly caused by external evils and internal injuries, internal and external injuries, and internal and external evils. Due to the disorders of the meridians, the skin is lost in the skin, the blood is dry, the blood is dry, and the blood is changed to become the interior. Wind, if you are inadequate at this time, the external evil will increase the condition with the help.

Western medicine believes that the causes of psoriasis include genetic, infection, mental tension, stress, trauma, surgery, pregnancy, smoking, drug effects and immune factors.

Will psoriasis be contagious? Can it be cured?

Many people think that psoriasis is contagious. In fact, although psoriasis affects the appearance and is daunting many people, it is not contagious and does not belong to infectious diseases.

Because the cause and pathogenesis of psoriasis are very complicated, there is no means to be completely cured. On the street, if you see advertisements such as “governance and cure psoriasis”, it should be deceptive.

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Although it cannot be cured, patients with psoriasis can achieve the effect of clinical cure by correct medication. There are currently three types of treatment methods. One is external drugs, such as vitaminic acid, glucocorticoids and other drugs. Patients.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats psoriasis, and has also accumulated rich experience. For example, one of the methods is to treat it from “blood” theory. By judging the patient’s “blood heat syndrome”, “blood stasis syndrome”, “blood drying syndrome” and other symptoms, traditional Chinese medicine treat.

It is worth emphasizing that patients with psoriasis should follow the doctor’s advice. If the medication is improper, it will cause problems such as resistance and recurrence and increase treatment difficulty.

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