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Itchy scalp, what’s wrong with a lot of white mud?Or the signs of the disease, don’t be treated as dandruff

“Doctor, I have a lot of small bumps and masses on my scalp, and the more and more, the more I can’t cure it, what should I do?”

In the past, Xiao Xia has always had a beautiful long hair, her hair is very smooth, but I don’t know when Xiao Xia’s scalp is getting more and more itchy, and she started to grow some small bumps and masses. Next, I found that not only pus flowed out, but also grew more and more, which made her troublesome.

I usually put on a hat when I go out, because I was worried that she would be seen by others’ “scarred” scalp, and finally went to the doctor under the persuasion of my friend.

Many people may have similar scalp problems. Is some small pupa on the scalp a signal of disease? Will it affect health?

First, the scalp is very “weak” and is one of the most aging skin

According to data released by the “2021 National Scalp Care Consumption White Paper”, 86%of people are troubled by scalp and hair quality problems.

The scalp is the continuation of the skin and neck skin. The thickness is relatively thin, but the sebaceous glands are richer, which is easy to secrete sebum. At the same time, the density of hair follicles, high free radical content, and large gravity are suffered, so the most aging among all skin tissues.

Once the scalp is aging, it will also make the whole person look old. If the cheeks are relaxed, the decree pattern, the drooping the eyelids, and the signs of the corner of the mouth.

In short, there are many layers of scalp. It is not just the “survival soil” of hair, it also plays an important role in human health.

Skin layer: rich in hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands. Among them, hair follicles can not only provide nutrients for hair, but also “windows” for scalp breathing. Therefore, once blocked, it is easy to cause problems such as hair loss and folliculitis.

Hat -shaped tendon membrane layer: connecting the frontal muscle in front, connecting the pillow muscle back, and responsible for the connection between the scalp and various muscle tissues.

Loose connective tissue of the tendon membrane: It is located between the hat -shaped tendon membrane and the osteum. Many of the tracting blood veins are connected to the intracranial vein sinus, and intracranial infections may occur, known as the “dangerous area” of the skull top.

Even though there are so many layers of tissue protection, it is still fragile, and the root cause of many hair problems is scalp, so you usually pay attention to the health of the scalp.

Second, the scalp is small and lumps, is it a disease?

Somehow itchy scalp, but when I scratched, I found that the scalp was a little small, and I opened my hair to look at the mirror. I found that there were some small and red lumps. Sometimes I couldn’t help but get rid of it. Is it a manifestation? How to treat it fast? If there are small bangs and lumps on the scalp, these problems should be thought:

1. Cypriotitis

This is a head inflammatory disease caused by bacteria (such as Golden Polycinius, etc.). The onset is related to factors such as inadequate hygiene cleaning, scratching, and low body resistance.

After the onset, symptoms such as small bumps, lumps, and itching and pain can be treated in time. Generally, it is based on the principle of sterilization, anti -inflammatory, and dryness. The symptoms are milder and can be used for external antibiotics. The inflammation can be orally. Specific treatment should be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Seippicidal dermatitis

This is a chronic recurrence disease, which is mainly due to the onset of scalp infection. Local scales and erythema plaques that are unclear in the boundary can appear in areas with rich sebaceous glands. It may also extend to the scalp, such as the wrinkles of the nose and eyebrows.

At present, the most important thing for the treatment of this disease is to use a washing agent containing ketomazole ingredients, but it needs to be used under the guidance of the physician.

3. Psoriasis

This is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease, which is easy to relapse. After the onset, scales or plaques may occur, which are limited or widely distributed. The onset is mainly related to endocrine, metabolism, infection, living factors (drinking, smoking), mental factors, trauma, climate and other factors.

The treatment of this disease is more difficult. It is slightly treated with corticosteroid cream, vitamin D an analogy and other external drug treatment. Systemic treatment is required, such as oral immunosuppressants, vitamin A acid drugs, etc. In short, specific treatment Need to vary from person to person.

In addition, sometimes we may pick out something like “white mud” when we touch the scalp. What is this? Simply put, it is the secretion of mites on the head.

There are about 20 million mites on each adult scalp, and the fat of hair follicles is their living nutrients. So if you don’t pay attention to hygiene and do not wash your hair, they will start eating people’s scalp, blocking hair follicles, and cause problems such as hair loss and hair loss.

Third, what is the healthy scalp look like? 6 things will accelerate scalp aging

Generally, itching, sparse hair, and scalp oil of scalp generally means that the scalp is unhealthy. What is the healthy scalp? How should I usually protect the scalp health?

Healthy scalp has these characteristics, including relaxation of the scalp, non -itching, no obvious dandruff, not easy to greasy, and a refreshing state for a long time.

But if you do n’t pay more attention in your life, such as flushing your hair with strong water columns, shampooing with water with too high temperature, shampoo, and conditioner directly wipe your hair, wash it clean, scratch the scalp with your nails, often perm often perm, often perm. Hair dyeing, etc., may accelerate scalp aging.

How should I protect scalp health in my daily life? Xiaojiu has 3 suggestions to share with everyone.

1. Relax of the spirit, good rest, stay up late,

Keeping in a state of tension for a long time, or staying up late, can lead to endocrine disorders, destroy the normal metabolic function of the scalp, so that the hair impurities are not easy to eliminate, so it is easy to get oil. Essence 2. The diet is as light as possible

On the basis of ensuring nutrition, the diet is as light as possible, eat less fried, spicy stimulus, and high sugar foods, otherwise it will also stimulate the secretion of cortical glands, cause more oil, and lose hair loss and hair loss.

3. Pay attention to regular cleaning and reasonable hair washing and dyeing

Keeping the scalp is important for the health of the scalp, but you must master one degree, do not wash frequently, the specific frequency varies from person to person. With cleaning, it is best to wash it at night. This can not only clean the dirt on the scalp, but also wash off the dust accumulated, but be sure to blow dry and sleep.

The perm is very injured, so avoid frequent perm, up to 1-2 times a year.

If the scalp appears uncomfortable in the scalp, lumps, pimples, erythema, itching, etc., you should seek medical treatment in time. After identifying the reasons, you should deal with the symptoms to reduce damage to the scalp.

Once the scalp is wrong, the hair is dry, frizzy, hair loss … and other problems may also follow, so it is important to protect the health of the scalp. Once discomfort occurs, medical treatment in time.

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