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It’s hard to buy the old man to lose weight, so that the elderly to lose weight is also a kind of filial piety

When children have money, they all want parents to eat well and wear well. However, as our children, we often ignore a problem, which is “obesity”. By 2015, among the population over 60 years old, the proportion of obesity population reached 27.3%.

However, obesity is a hotbed of all diseases. The elderly’s body is relatively weak. If you accumulate too much fat, it will easily cause hypertension and hyperlipidemia, and may even induce old diabetes.

Obesity of the elderly is generally easy to induce the following diseases:

1. Hyperipipipipipip at wores

Older people are too fat, and the chance of suffering from hyperlipidemia will greatly increase. Because obese people, especially those with abdominal obesity, fat in the body cannot be digested and absorbed by the body, causing these excess fat to accumulate in the liver and enter the blood through blood circulation, resulting in higher and higher blood lipids.

2. Cerebral vascular lesions

Most of the obese elderly people have three high phenomena, so that cerebral vascular lesions are likely to occur. The chances of cerebral atherosclerosis will increase greatly because the blood vessels in their bodies are hard and crispy. People with hypertension themselves, blood vessels can easily cause rupture and cause cerebral hemorrhage, which will even endanger the life of the elderly.

In addition, the tissue fibrous solubility in the blood of the obese elderly is also higher than that of ordinary people. Once a thrombosis is formed, it is very difficult to dissolve, which may cause the elderly to have cerebral infarction.

3, fatty liver

The chance of obese elderly people will also increase the chance of liver fat degeneration, which will easily lead to liver enlargement. For obese people, they have long -term consumption of high carbohydrates and high -fat diets. Most of them have high insulin ledmia. In this way, the speed of synthetic triglyceride will be greatly exceeded by the ability to transport them out of the liver, causing these excess fat to accumulate in the body, thereby suffering from fatty liver.

Therefore, do n’t feel that their fat is not a problem because the elderly at home are old. The fat of the elderly will cause multiple problems. We must urge them to exercise appropriately, eat reasonably, maintain their figure, and do not be fat.

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