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It’s hot, exercise the ears and nose at home

Nowadays, the weather is gradually getting hot, and often go out to exercise, especially the elderly with chronic diseases, and need to prevent the acute attack of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases at all times. Sky hot sweat glands should secrete sweat in large quantities, decreased blood capacity, blood viscosity, and easily induced myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

When it is hot, the elderly may wish to exercise the ears and nose at home. On the one hand, it can achieve the effect of accelerating blood circulation and exuding heat. On the other hand, they also exercise five internal organs and delay aging.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs and the twelve meridians are linked to the ears, and the massage of the ear can clear the whole body. The elderly often pull, rubbing, knocking, rubbing, and pinching activity of the auricle and ears can stimulate the peripheral nerves and micro -blood vessels of the auricle, accelerate the local cycle, and help to clear the whole body meridian, enhance metabolic function, and promote blood circulation.

Nasal mass care has the effects of promoting nasal physiological functions, preventing nasal mucosa, adjusting the whole body, enhancing disease resistance, and preventing colds. Stiring the tongue to help the brain, and make the teeth strong, thereby ensuring the chewing function of the elderly.

To exercise the ears and nose mouth, you can use the following methods to rub your ears: Gently hold your hands with your palms, rub your head for 1 minute, and then rub the face for 1 minute to make the skin’s skin flushed slightly. Once every morning and evening, after rubbing, there is a brilliant and radiant effect. Pinch your ears: Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the center area of ​​the earlobe lightly, 2-3 times a day, 1 minute each time. Do it persistently, which is both beauty and adding both the purpose of the purpose. Rubbing your nose: Rub your nose for 1 minute with your fingers; push your nose: Push your fingers from the tip of the nose upwards to Yintang, repeated more than 10 times. Tooth: The teeth should be calm, the knocking must be strong, and the sound of the teeth must be clearly heard, and it can be about 1 minute. Stir tongue: The upper and lower lips are closed lightly, and the tip of the tongue licked the inside and outside of the teeth.

For some elderly people with chronic diseases, they should ensure that they drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. When the temperature is above 33 ° C, they should drink 2 more cups. The diet should be light, eat less smelly and greasy, eat more fruits and vegetables, and the exercise time is best to choose early or evening. At this time, the temperature is low. ▲

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