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It’s really not what you think!——Sepatonal misunderstanding of hypertension

Hypertension is one of the most common diseases. According to statistics, one of each five adults has a hypertension, not only the middle -aged and elderly people, but even young people often have hypertension. Hypertension can bring great trouble to life. However, due to the incomplete medical knowledge, many people have a lot of misunderstandings about hypertension, which not only affects the effective control of blood pressure, but also is not conducive to the control of cardiovascular risk.

It doesn’t matter if the blood pressure is high

Some patients with hypertension mistakenly believe that with age, blood pressure increases as a normal phenomenon, thinking that “it doesn’t matter a bit higher”. In fact, a large number of observations have confirmed that even if the blood pressure is slightly higher, the risk of cardiovascular disease will increase significantly. For high blood pressure, do not take an attitude and must be treated seriously.

“It’s three points to poison”, try not to take or take medicine as little as possible

Many patients with hypertension are unwilling to take medicine and are worried about taking antihypertensive drugs for a lifetime. The antihypertensive drugs will produce “anti -drug” like antibiotics. Indeed, drugs are a double -edged sword, and incorrect medication will bring problems. However, after strict approval of listing, it is basically safe and effective. And the antihypertensive drug does not produce resistance, the earlier the blood pressure control, the earlier to protect the blood vessels.

Discontinue the medicine when the blood pressure is normal

After taking the medicine, the blood pressure dropped to normal, and it was considered that the hypertension had been cured and stopped the medicine by itself. This is a very harmful approach. The drop of blood pressure to normal can only indicate the effect of the drug, and it cannot indicate that the hypertension has been cured. The correct approach is that after the long -term blood pressure control meets the standards, under the guidance of a doctor, the dose and type of drug can be gradually reduced. During the reduction of drug reduction, the changes in blood pressure should be monitored.

The faster the blood pressure drops, the better

Once some people find that their blood pressure is high, they think that the lower the pressure, the better. In fact, unless the high blood pressure rise has caused the danger to quickly reduce the pressure. Generally speaking, the principle of slow and stableness must be grasped during antihypertensive treatment, and the target value is achieved at 4 to 12 weeks after medication. The blood pressure drops too fast, and severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke are prone to stroke. Of course, there is an exception, that is, patients with acute hypertension (including acute target organs, hypertension crisis, high blood pressure encephalopathy, etc.), and they need to be hospitalized for as soon as possible to suddenly increase the sharply increased blood pressure control as soon as possible.

Patients with hypertension themselves also need to make judgments on rumors or suggestions. As long as they maintain good living habits, they will see a doctor as soon as possible, actively treat them, and control blood pressure.

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