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J dermatology Treat: 85%of glycerin can effectively treat characteristic dermatitis

The treatment of specialty dermatitis (AD) is still a huge challenge. It is known that the skin load of Staphylococcus will increase AD. Narrow-band ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) and low concentration (20-40%) glycerin is a established therapy for AD. NB-UVB has been proven to have antibacterial effects, while high concentrations of glycerin (85-100%) show similar effects in vitro, but have not yet carried out clinical trials. Recently, a random trial published in J Dermatology Treat evaluated the efficacy and tolerance of 85%concentration of glycerin compared with NB-UVB to treat AD patients. It was evaluated by clinical improvement and reducing grape bacteria on the skin.

A total of 30 patients with mild to medium-to-medium-to-medium AD were included, and randomly divided into the NB-UVB group or 85%glycerin group. The patient received a month of treatment and followed one month. Take the swabs from the skin and nose, cultivate bacteria on the dew-salt and agar, and quantitatively determine the formation unit of the colonies.

The results showed that the two groups of patients reached statistical sciences of Scorad and itching scores after 4 weeks. The clinical effectiveness achieved by Scorad50 and itch50 on EOT is comparable between the two groups. Among the lesions and non -diseased skin, both therapies can significantly reduce the skin load of Golden Grape bacteria during EOT. Interestingly, although the two therapies have achieved the root of the skin Golden Gyllaguscurry in the average 40%of the implanted patients (P = 1), they are observed by the 1/5 (20%) non -planted patients after glycerin treatment. Occasionally planted, observed accidental planting (P = .206) in patients with 4/6 (66%) after NBUVB treatment.

In summary, the results show that the 85%concentration of glycerin is a cheap, effective and easy to obtain phototherapy alternative, which is suitable for mild-moderate AD patients who cannot enter UV device treatment.

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Primitive source:

Randa Youssef, et al., Glycerol 85% efficacy on atopic skin and its microbiome: a randomized controlled trial with clinical and bacteriological evaluation. J Dermatolog Treat. 2021 Nov;32(7):730-736. doi: 10.1080/09546634.2019. 1708246.

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