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J heart LUNG Transplant: Reveal Lite 2 risk score can predict the prognosis of patients with pulmonary hypertension

Risk assessment is essential in the management of pulmonary hypertension (PAH). The Reveal Risk Score (RRS) has proven to predict the survival prognosis of PAH patients and has a prognosis value in a series of risk assessment. Recently, researchers have developed a update version (RRS 2.0) to further improve the risk prediction of PAH patients.

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RioCiguat is a stimulating material of a soluble birdylated enzyme (SGC). It is used to treat two forms of pulmonary hypertension (PH): chronic thrombosis, pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) and pulmonary hypertension ( PAH).

The Reveal Lite 2 score is a simple version of the Reveal risk score. This study aims to evaluate the impact of Riocer on the REVEAL LITE 2 score and its long -term prognosis with PAH patients.

Patent-1 is a random, double-blind clinical trial, comparing the prognosis of PAH patients using Lionci or placebo intervention treatment. In the research on the expansion of the Patent-2 open label, all patients (n = 396) were treated with Lionci (up to 2.5 mg, 3 times/day) every day. Calculate the patient’s Revel Lite 2 score in the baseline, Patent-1 and Patent-2 respectively; divide the patient into low (1-5 points), medium (6-7 points) or high risk (≥8) (≥8) Division) layer.

The proportion of patients with low, medium, and high REVEAL LITE 2 scores

At the 12th week of Patent -Revel Lite 2 scores for patients receiving Riocer 2.5 mg treatment (the minimum daily multiplication is -0.8; P = 0.0004 compared to the placebo). At the 12th week of Patent-compared with the placebo, more patients receiving the risk layer of patients who received Riocer 2.5 mg have remained stable or improved (P = 0.0005).

The change of the REVEAL LITE 2 score after treatment

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The Reve Lite 2 score at the baseline and PATENT-1 at the 12th week is related to the prognosis of survival and the unshaocked survival period of survival (P <0.0001), and the change from the baseline to the 12th week is also related. There are certain differences between the productivity and clinical unpleasant survival of patients between the baseline and PATENT-1 in the 12th week of the basis (P <0.0001).

According to PATENT-12, the survival rate of patients with REVEAL LITE 2 scoring group

In summary, the study shows that Lionci can reduce the adverse prognosis risk of patients with pulmonary high pressure and help further verify the application of the Reveal Lite 2 score in the PAH risk assessment.

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