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JACC: Coronary heart disease is getting younger and younger, and the coronary artery of young people may not be good!

As one of the main organs of transportation substances, blood vessels, like the heart, are inseparable from people’s lives. The blood is mainly circulating in the blood vessels and the heart. Any problems with any section of blood vessels will cause damage to the human body. Many vascular disease changes are the main causes of disability and fatal.

Atherosclerosis is the formation of plaques on the arterial wall. The center of the plaques is similar to “porridge”. The raised plaque causes arterial stenosis, the blood flow is not smooth, and the water pipes at home are blocked by the long -term deployed scale. Same. Once the plaques rupture inside the endometrium, and thrombus block the blood vessels, acute myocardial infarction and sudden death may occur.

It is not recommended to guide when the coronary calcium (CAC) scan is performed among young people to identify those who are prone to premature arteriosclerosis. In order to explore the risk factors of the atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) and determine the ideal age of the first CAC scanning of the first CAC scan, the recent JACC magazine published related research.

Experts from Johns Hopkins University in the United States were included in 22,346 participants at the 30-50-year-old CAC alliance, and they accepted non-pairing computer tomography. According to the existence of age and ASCVD risk factors, gender -specific equations are obtained from multiple variable logic models to estimate the expected probability of CAC> 0.

The results showed that the average age of participants was 43.5 years, 25%were women, and 34%of the people CAC> 0, of which the median CAC was 20. Compared with people without risk factors, the average CAC of diabetic patients has an average of 6.4 years in advance, while smoking, hypertension, blood lipid abnormalities, and the family history of coronary heart disease are related to CAC’s 3.3-4.3 years.

Use the detection rate of 25%of the CAC> 0, the best age of the potential first scan is male 36.8 years (95%CI: 35.5-38.4 years old) and female diabetic patients 50.3 years (95%CI: 48.7-52.11 And men 42.3 years (95%CI: 41.0-43.9 years) and 57.6 years old (95%CI: 56.0-59.5 years).

The risk equation obtained by the risk -rich young people rich in ASCVD risk factors informs the expected popularity of CAC> 0 and can be used to determine the appropriate age of launching clinical CAC testing to determine the most prone to early/early early/early early/early days. Arteriosclerosis individual.

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Modeling The Recommennded Age for Initiaating Coronary Artcium Testing AMONG At-rak Young Adults.

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