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JACC: High blood sugar has greatly advanced the progress of clinical heart failure!

Globally, diabetes and heart failure (HF) are very common, and there are strong correlation between the two diseases. Basically, one of each three patients with heart failure is combined with diabetes. In addition, diabetes has increased the risk of heart failure by 2-5 times. However, the impact of diabetes on the impact of sexual failure from sub -clinical heart failure has become unclear.

The purpose of this research is to summarize the impact of diabetes on the process of clinical heart failure (phase A or B) to the progress of the progress of sexual heart failure.

Integrated 4,774 sub-clinical heart failure participating in ARIC Research (2011-2013) (Phase 1: 1551, and phase B: 3223). Researchers evaluated the correlation between diabetes and blood glucose control (HBA1C] <7% vs ≥7%) and heart failure in various periods (A or B) subjects, as well as the staging of heart failure in heart failure. The relationship between cross -category (A vs B), diabetes and blood sugar control and heart failure incident.

The relationship between diabetes and sub -clinical heart failure and clinical heart failure incident

4774 subjects, average 75.4 years, 58%of women, 20%of black people. After 8.6 years of follow -up, a total of 470 cases of heart failure were recorded. Compared with individuals with good blood sugar control or diabetes, HBA1C ≥ 7%of individuals with clinical failure are often younger than individuals who have good blood sugar control or diabetes. Essence Compared with the phase A subject, HBA1C ≥ 7%is more correlated with the risk of heart failure of the stage B (HR: 1.83 VS 1.52). In the cross -category of clinical heart failure and HBA1C, the risk of heart failure in phase B and HBA1C ≥7%of the subjects of HBA1C ≥ 7%is significantly higher than that of diabetes -free clinical heart failure (HR 7.56).

Based on the incidence of heart failure classification of HBA1C, diabetes and sub -clinical heart failure

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All in all, among the elderly with clinical heart failure, poor control of diabetes is closely related to the high risk of heart failure. The results of the study emphasized the importance of blood glucose control for patients with clinical failure.

Primitive source:

Echouffo-Tcheugui Justin B, ndumele Chiadi E, zhang sui et al. Diabetes and Progression of Heart? Failure: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (Aric) Study. [J] .j am Coll Cardiol, 2022, 79: 2285-2293.

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