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JACC: Rotation accelerates -patients with low risk of acute myocardial infarction, early discharge after PCI will not affect the ending!

In the United States, about 500,000 patients are accepted by Coronary Aurora (PCI), and the overall cost can reach $ 5 billion. Due to the acute coronary ischemic incident caused by complications of vascular pathways or vascular occlusion after PCI operation, PCI patients usually need to observe overnight at the hospital.

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The use of brackets has gradually decreased, so it can be considered to be discharged on the day after the option PCI surgery, thereby increasing bed usage, reducing costs and incidence of intra -hospital infection.

Globally, regional heart disease seizures have been promoted to early irrigation through the initial transgenerate coronary intervention, which improves the clinical results of the ST section elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). The early discharge of the one -time transcoric coronary arteries was welcomed by patients and improved the efficiency of medical services.

In order to evaluate the safety and feasibility of the new early discharge path for patients with low-risk STEMI, experts from the Virgin Harvey Institute of Mary of London, the Cardiovascular Medicine Center of the Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine, London, London, in the United Kingdom. Learn the magazine “on JACC.

From March 2020 to June 2021, 600 patients who were considered low -risk of early major adverse blood vessels (MACE) were selected into the path and successfully discharged from <48 hours. The patient conducted a structured telephone follow -up by the heart rehabilitation nurse 48 hours after discharge, and conducted virtual follow -up in 2, 6, 8 weeks and 3 months.

The median in hospitalization time is 24.6 hours (quarter-bit range [IQR]: 22.7-30.0 hours) (medium number of the front of the path: 65.9 hours [IQR: 48.1-120.2 hours]). After discharge, all patients were contacted, and no one lost to follow -up. During the median follow-up of 271 days (IQR: 88-318 days), 2 deaths (0.33%) were caused by coronary virus diseases in 2019 (after discharge). The cardiovascular mortality rate was the cardiovascular mortality rate was 0%, the MACE rate is 1.2%.

In general, this discovery is favorable compared to 700 hospitalization hours of 48 hours (> 48 hours control group) in 48 hours (> 48 hours control group). Mortality, 0.7%; MACE, 1.9%).

Early discharge and MACE and mortality of patients with discharge patients in 48 were

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In summary, through the use of structured multidisciplinary virtual follow -up plan support, low -risk patients selected can be safely after successful primary PCI.


Early Hospital Discharge Following PCI for Patients with STEMI.

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