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Jama Network Open: It’s hard to imagine!As high as 1.5 million for children every year due to violence!

Children and adolescents may suffer more attacks and violence, including family abuse, companion attacks, sexual crimes and community violence. According to a report released by New Hampshire University in the United States, nearly 1.5 million children who are consulting for violence due to attacks, abuse, crimes or other forms of violence are 4 times the previous data. The research results were published in Jama Network Open Magazine.

In the past, research was mainly concentrated in older youths, or the risks of certain specific violence types, such as sexual assault or bullying, and did not record children who suffered violent violence to the emergency room and other service institutions for diagnosis and treatment data.

In this study, researchers used survey information of representative samples of 8503 children and adolescents from 2 to 17 years old in the United States, and conducted national research in 2011 and 2014. Through a number of adolescent victim survey forms, the exposure of violence was evaluated. The survey table contains follow -up problems about injuries, such as “going to the hospital because of what happened, a doctor’s office or a certain type of health clinic.” The use of “trauma symptoms” and “children’s trauma symptoms” asked about adversity and current trauma symptoms about the past year.

It was found that in the merger samples of the two investigations, 5,187 children and adolescents reported violently, of which 45.6 % (95 % CI, 43.1 % -48.2 %) were 2 to 9 years old, and 54.4 % (54.4 %. 95 % CI, 51.8 %) -56.9 %) aged between 10 and 17; men are 53.6 % (95 % CI, 51.0 % -56.2 %).

In addition, 3.4 % of children and adolescents reported (95 % CI, 2.6 % -4.4 %) in their lives, receiving medical treatment related to violence. The medical visits of the past year due to violence are 1.9 % (95 % CI, 1.2 % -2.7 %), which is equivalent to more than 1.4 million children and adolescents. The previous estimation of the data obtained from the emergency room was 340,000 times, which reflected that children’s medical services related to violence were seriously insufficient. Among the patients who have received medical treatment, the age of 2 to 9 accounted for about 33.3 %. Children visiting in the past year have high levels of trauma and unfavorable childhood experiences.

In short, a considerable part of children and adolescents who suffered violence have received medical services. However, for children and adolescents that may suffer violence, the following methods should be adopted: First, medical professionals need to know more about how to help children and adolescent children who cause violence, not only to treat injuries, but also Suggestions should be provided for children and their families. Second, most of the medical visits are to treat injuries, but some are to record damage. It is also important to evaluate previous violence exposure and behavioral symptoms, especially in the emergency room and hospital environment.

Primitive source

David FinkelHor et al. Medical Treatment Following Violence Exposure in a National Sample of Children and Youth, Jama Network Open (2021). Doi: 10.1001/JamaNetWorkopen.2021.92550.92550

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