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JAMA Surg: Patients with hypertension patients in the middle of the primary aldosteroline is less than 1%

Primary aldosterone hyperactivity (PA) is due to excessive aldosterone secretion of adrenal cortex, which causes sodium sodium, potassium exhaustion, increased blood capacity, and renal-vascular tension system activity. , Account for about 10%of patients with hypertension. Pattoor patients without diagnosis and treatment will lead to an increase in cardiovascular disease and death risk. In clinical practice, it is recommended that three or more drugs to control blood pressure, patients with hypokalemia or adrenal nodules thoroughly check to eliminate the risk of PA, but the proportion of patients who receive exclusion is less than 10%.

Recently, researchers have inspected the assessment and treatment rate in the Canadian medical institution in the Canadian regional medical institutions.

This study was conducted in Alberta, Canada. It is a crowd -based queue study. It uses the high blood pressure adult data from April 1, 2012 to July 31, 2019 to determine the acceptance of PA screening, classification and targeted therapy The proportion of patients with hypertension.

A total of 1.1 million patients with high blood pressure were collected, of which only 7,941 (0.7%) performed PA screening. Among the crowds receiving screening, 1703 people (21.4%) were suspected PA patients, of which 1005 (59.0%) conducted further investigations to distinguish unilateral or bilateral PA. Only 731 (42.9%) PA patients received further targeted treatment of diseases. Geographical areas and professional clinicians are the decisive factor affecting PA screening, classification and treatment.

Studies have found that among the hypertensive adult patients in Alberta, Canada, only 1%of patients with primary aldosterolidone are not expected to be formally diagnosed and treated. Very urgent.

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Primitive source:

Yuan-Yuan Liu et al. Outcomes of a Specialized Clinic On Rates of Investigation and Treatment of Primary Aldosteronism.jama Surg. March 31 ,2021.

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