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Jama Surgery: Conditions of dietary fiber intake and complications of colon cancer surgery before habitual surgery

In Western countries, surgery is the final treatment of most patients with colorectal cancer (CRC), but severe complications may occur after tumor resection, such as anastomosis, infection, or intestinal obstruction. %between. New research evidence shows that the damage to intestinal health may also be related to the risk of postoperative complications. As a dietary fiber intake that improves intestinal health, and the risk of complications of gastrointestinal surgery has not yet been studied at the risk of gastrointestinal surgery. This study aims to explore the correlation between pre -surgery dietary fiber intake and risk of complications after colorectal cancer.



This queue study used clinical data from colorectal vertical observation research (Colon) research. The study recruited a large number of adult patients in colorectal cancer from 11 hospitals from August 2010 to 2010. Most patients are patients with I to Pharmaceuticals of IV colorectal cancer who have received periodic abdominal surgery. Researchers use 204 food frequency questionnaires to evaluate habitual dietary fiber intake during diagnosis. The main observation results are the situation of complications, surgical complications and occlusal fistula in 30 d after colorectal cancer. Use logic regression analysis and evaluation of the association between the risk of fiber intake and postoperative complications.

Of the 1399 patients incorporated into the analysis, the median age was 66 years old and 896 (64%) were men. 397 patients (28%) did not have postoperative complications, and 235 patients (17%) had surgical complications. Among the 1237 patients who performed anastomosis, 67 (5%) appeared in the same leak. Higher dietary fiber intake (per day per 10 grams) to any complications (ratio ratio [or], 0.75; 95% CI, 0.62-0.92) and surgical complications (OR, 0.76; 95% CI, 0.60– The incidence of 0.97) is related to the low incidence, but not found to be related to the kiss (OR, 0.97; 95% CI, 0.66-1.43). Among women, higher dietary intake can reduce the risk of incidence related to complications (OR, 0.64; 95% CI, 0.44-0.94), while there is no such correlation between men (OR, 0.79; 95; 95; 95; 95; % CI, 0.63-1.01).

In this study, the study through large -scale people has found that the high habitual dietary fiber intake before surgery is related to the lower risk of postoperative complications of colorectal cancer. In the rehabilitation plan of patients with colorectal cancer surgery in the future, clinicians can consider increasing the intake of dietary fiber before surgery.

Primitive source:

Dieuwertje e. KOK. Et Al. Association of habitual preoperative diety fiber intake with complications after color can. Jama Surgery.2021.

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