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Japanese hot -selling lotion comprehensive list TOP10

The importance of using lotion, I don’t need to say more, I believe that all MMs have already understood it. What I want to recommend here today is the top ten Japanese -style lotion rankings that complement each other. These ten types of lotion come from famous doors, with significant effects and high cost performance. You will definitely make you who like Japanese skin care products.

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TOP 1: Avenir Avili Medicine Essence Water

Coordinate ingredients: ginseng root extract, peony root extract, Huang Cen extract solution, coix seed extract, black tea deer extract, etc.

Avili Japan R & D Center, the latest concept of “Herbal Circulation” is introduced. Introduce “Herbalist” into the skin Circulation “to create a unique beauty concept.” Herbal Circulation “is performed smoothly to make cellular activity, enhance cell functions, and maintain the normal operation of metabolism. Skin problems such as dryness, roughness, obscure and other skin are naturally away.

Popular water adopts high -tech means to extract the effective ingredients in the root cause of biopharmaceuticals (never processed drugs), which acts on the cells and helps the Herbal Circultion normally! Always maintain a clear and transparent cell state. How can the skin be unhealthy and imperfect. What’s more?

Comments: This water is known as “fairy water”. Many people say that after using it, it will make you as old as a fairy. Although the real effect is not so exaggerated, it can indeed help skin hydration, whitening, and removing yellow qi. The best way to use is to apply a paper film to apply the face. In terms of comprehensive cost -effectiveness, it is not too much to give it the first place.

TOP 2: CPB skin key moisturizing dew

Efficacy: Adjust the skin renewal cycle, supplement the moisture required for the skin, and assist the high nutritional ingredients to fully penetrate and absorb, making the skin tender and smooth. There are two types of refreshing and moisturizing.

Fresh type: neutral oil skin.

Moisturizing type: neutral partial, dry skin.

Usage: The moisturizing dew of the size (about 1.5ml) of the 1 yuan coin is performed on the cotton pads, and gently wipe it on the overall face.

Comments: The CPB brand follows the luxurious route, and this moisturizing dew is divided into two types: refreshing and moisturizing. The moisturizing and moisturizing effect is outstanding. Many netizens say that they will not feel dry all day after use. The touch is cool, it is very comfortable to use, and the sunscreen is added. It is the “celebrity” of various awards. Here you have a second place!

TOP 3: KOSE High Snow Muscle Pure Laundry

Efficacy: It has excellent whitening and moisturizing effects, and naturally fabricated lotion like beauty liquid. Rich in coix seed. Angelica. The Chinese plant essence of licorice is to prevent black spots formed by sun exposure, so that the skin gradually becomes white like snow, and the skin’s essence is whitening. In -depth in the hearts of women, unprecedented whitening products. Mild and effectively improve the dullness of the skin, making the skin color brighter. Clear. Snow muscle essence is added with ultra -particle moisturizing ingredients (wheat germ oil), so it presents a different white turbid shape, and it can make the skin feel comfortable after use.

Comments: When it comes to Japanese water, the lotion of snow muscle essence is naturally arranged. Its popularity is amazing in major forums. The efficacy of whitening is always proud of it, and countless MMs who are keen on whitening projects fell under its pretty bottle. However, the moisturizing effect of snow muscle essence is slightly insufficient for the MM of dry skin.

TOP 4: IPSA self -disciplined dermatology


No. 1: While tight skin, inhibit excess sebum secretion, ensure the balance of water sebum, and create a regular and smooth beauty muscle. No. 2: While balanced the skin’s moisturizing ingredients and oil, keep the skin moisturizing, creating a regular and smooth beauty muscle. No. 3: At the same time, the skin and excess sebum are secreted, giving the skin moisture, creating a regular and smooth beauty muscle. No. 4: Under the action of moisturizing ingredients and maintenance effects, improve the moisture of the skin and create a regular and smooth beauty muscle.

Comments: The texture is very refreshing, even if it is used in summer, it will feel very refreshing ~ It is easy to be absorbed. This type of product has facilitated the needs of various skin types, and the packaging is also very cute. In addition, the effect and reputation are good. It is also reasonable in the fourth.

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