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Japanese manufacturers have developed special clothing for the elderly on humpback

Japanese people like to make up and dress. This kind of beauty will not only decline due to age, but also increase.But for some old people with humpback, they are distressed for a long time to find suitable clothing.Looking at the market in this regard, some Japanese manufacturers have developed special costumes for the elderly back, which is very popular.

Compared with ordinary clothing, this clothing takes into account the characteristics of humpback, and designed clothing according to the high degree of humpback according to various degrees, so that the elderly will not look forward and shorter after wearing it.There are many hump straps and underwear.”Japan Economic News” reports that a Japanese company has launched underwear to prevent humpback. This underwear is different from the correction with a strap, but to help you keep the correct attitude.Put on this underwear, once a curved posture appears in your back, the underwear will apply pressure to inform you, so that you will pay attention to maintaining a normal and straight posture.

(Intern editor: Wen Guizhen)

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