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JCEM: The relationship between fruits intake and risk of diabetes

Fruits, not juice, are negatively related to type 2 diabetes (T2DM). However, the mechanism about fruit may play a protective role is still clear.

Recently, the authoritative magazine Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in the field of endocrine and metabolic diseases published a research article, which aims to evaluate the types of fruit and 1) glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity indicators and 2). Related between diabetes.

Among the participants in Australia’s diabetes, obesity and lifestyle research, researchers have evaluated the intake of fruits and juice through baseline intake of food albums. Researchers use limited splines in Logistic and linear regression models to evaluate fruits and juice intake and 1) baseline empty blood glucose, 2 hours of blood sugar after meals, homea2 (HOMA2-%β), insulin sensitivity The correlation between the sexual HOMA2 (HOMA2-%S) and the analogenic insulin level, and the correlation between the diabetes during the follow-up (5 years and 12 years) during the follow-up (5 years and 12 years).

The average age of 7675 Australian participants (45%of men) was 54 ± 12 years. The total fruit intake is negatively correlated between serum insulin and HOMA2-%β, and it is positively correlated with the HOMA2-%S of the baseline. After adjusting the mixed diet and lifestyle, compared with the participants with the lowest intake (1 range of 1), the participants with a medium and medium (quarteron digits of 3) in the total fruits suffer from The chance of diabetes was reduced by 36%[OR (95%CI): 0.64 (0.44-0.92)], while the correlation between fruits and 12-year ending was not statistically significant.

It can be seen that all fruits but not including fruit juice may play an important role in reducing the risk of T2DM.

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Primitive source:

Nicola P Bondonnoet Al.Associate Inte Intake and Risk of Diabetes in the Ausdiab Cohort.jcem.2021.https

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