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Just grow asthma when the child grows up?the fact is……

Speaking of asthma, everyone will not be unfamiliar. Even if the people around you do not have asthma patients, everyone must have watched asthma patients from TV. Due to the symptoms of asthma, many people are impressed. This disease can not only happen to adults, but also on children.

According to the current data, the prevalence of asthma in children under 14 years of age in my country reached 3.02%, showing an upward trend as a whole. Asthma is characterized by chronic inflammation in the airway. The clinical manifestation is the symptoms of recurrent asthma, breath, chest tightness, or cough, which affects patients’ health and daily life.

Many parents heard that children’s asthma will naturally disappear, and they relax and not actively treat them. Is this rumor correct? Let’s find out today.

Will children disappear naturally when they grow up?

Unfortunately, children’s asthma will not automatically disappear with age. Symptoms of asthma can start, continue or stop at any age, or recur at any time.

It is difficult to cure asthma. Prevention and long -term control is the key to treating asthma. Because children’s asthma is extremely harmful to children, it is recommended to treat them in time, control the condition as soon as possible, and adhere to long -term, sustainable and standardized treatment. If necessary, combined with personalized treatment.

How to treat children with asthma?

Generally speaking, the treatment of children’s asthma is dominated by drug treatment to relieve and control children with asthma. Let ’s introduce common drugs for children’s asthma treatment.

Corticine hormone: A effective anti -inflammatory drug that can inhibit inflammation and improve the lung function of children with asthma.

Camellia: A bronchidic relaxant with bronchial, immune regulatory function and anti -inflammatory effects.

β2 receptor excitement drug: mainly based on qi mist inhalation therapy, and is widely used in the treatment of acute seizures of asthma.

Anti -cholecoscopic drug: reduce the tension of the nerve to relax the bronchial tube.

White tritenyne receptor antagonist: reduce the symptoms of asthma in children, reduce the number of acute seizures, and improve the lung function of children.

If you find that children suffer from asthma, it is recommended to treat as soon as possible to control the condition and avoid adverse effects on children’s health.

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