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Just rub the baby to knead?Be careful to aggravate the condition!

It is not simple to bring children, and it is easy to bump without paying attention to children.Whose childhood hasn’t been a few bags?

You can see your child suffering, and your mother is distressed.Assuming that the child is accidentally arising from the bruised and swollen bag or other damage, don’t say that “if you rub it, you don’t hurt”, you can get started. Rubbing may pull the wound, which exacerbates the pain and is not conducive to the swelling of the blue bag.

What to do in the first step?Wrap some ice cubes with a clean towel as soon as possible to apply local ice on the baby.If the swollen bag is still not retreated and painful for 48, it will change the local hot compress.

Assuming that the child’s wound hurts when the child is injured, the child is obviously limited and even unconscious, so he has to go to the hospital for emergency treatment in time.

Parents should pay attention that no matter whether the child falls to the wound obviously, the response on the spot is not serious. In the past few days, we must pay attention to observing the child’s condition. Many injuries are invisible.

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