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Keep in mind the “three don’t want”, a few ointment makes frostbite fast and effective!Leave it for those in need

“Never thought, I actually frozen to death in Guangzhou”

At 14:34 on December 19th, the running male member Zheng Kai sent a picture of wearing a military coat on his headline, which caused netizens to discuss the fickle weather in Guangzhou.


Some netizens leave a message:

“Yesterday at 27 degrees, it was 17 degrees today, and I was cold.”

“This is the magical winter of Guangzhou, the magic attack of the cold wind.”

“The winter in Guangzhou allows you to have three positive physical examinations in two days, and experience 4 seasons a week.”

“Guangzhou overnight winter, and the clothes can not be collected in all seasons. The short -sleeved shorts the day before yesterday were large cotton clothes yesterday.”

“There are three ways to die in Guangzhou, hot death, cold death, and cold and cold.”


Almost every message is the personal experience of Xiao Jiu, and the change in Guangzhou’s climate change is no longer accurate. Therefore, friends in the north, don’t think that the winter in Guangdong is not cold, there is no heating, and the cold wind roars. If it encounters rainy days, the wet and cold are colder than dry, and it will be cold to the bone seam.

“Not only in Guangzhou, but the average temperature in winter is above 10 ° C, but from December to January, there are also below 10 ° C. It is often ‘one night in winter’.” Remind that the hot and cold weather changes sharply, too late or not paying attention to keep warm, and frostbite will also occur. Therefore, people may also have frostbite in Guangdong.

The root cause of long frostbite is that blood circulation

Frozen sores are a common skin disease that occurs in early winter and early spring. Those with poor blood circulation in children, women, and peripherals are more common. Many people only know that the temperature is below 10 ° C, and the cold stimulation will get frostbite.

But in fact, in addition to the cold, humidity, cold and cold changes can also stimulate the skin, cause local arterial shrinkage, arterial vascular paralysis to expand, and venous congestion, resulting in poor local blood circulation, which causes frostbite.

He Guorong said that there are many susceptibility or induction factors of frostbite. Common microchaser microvascular malformations, large skin humidity, dampness of hands and feet, malnutrition, endocrine disorders, autonomous nerve dysfunction, lack of exercise, long -term outdoor low temperature work, shoes and socks, socks and socks Tighter factors can cause long frostbite.

What are the symptoms of frostbite? Frozen sores are good at fingers, backs, faces, auricle, toes, feet, and heels. We can feel that these parts are obvious, and it is even more itchy after heat.

In addition, it can be seen that the skin is edema (congestion dark purple red raised) in the naked eye of the naked eye. In severe cases, blisters can occur, rupture to form erosion or ulcers, and pain after ulceration. Mild frostbite can heal itself after the climate is warming, but it is easy to recur.

Keep in mind the “Three Don’t”, these ointments make frostbite fast

Regardless of the frostbite that is cold, or the frostbite caused by the changes in humidity, cold and cold, it also needs to do one thing, that is, keep warm. Good warm gloves, masks, hats, hats, thick shoes and socks should be prepared, and wash your hands every day after washing your face and toilet.

He Guorong reminded the following three things to be frostbite. It is best not to do it:

Do not let the frostbite parts directly expose to the cold environment.

Second, do not use cold or too hot water to wash frostbite.

Third, do not wipe the frostbite vigorously and break the skin. The correct way is to soak it with warm water or apply warm towels, and then slowly scrub.

According to the degree of severity of frostbite, under the guidance of a doctor, you can choose the appropriate ointment to promote the recovery of frostbite.

1. Until damaged frostbite, 10%camphor ointment, honey lard ointment, pepper cream, glucocorticoid ointment, Xiliao properly cream.

2. Breaking frostbite is suitable for using antibiotic ointment, moist burns, and 5%boric acid ointment. Normal skin near frostbite should also pay attention to moisturizing and anti -freezing. It is recommended to apply skin care products.

3. Severe frostbite or repeated authors, do not blindly autonomy at home, you should go to the dermatology department of regular hospitals.

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So, how to prevent frostbite in winter and spring? He Guorong emphasized that paying attention to keeping warm in advance, avoiding tight shoe socks, and replacing socks in time; insisting on physical exercise to improve the body’s adaptability to cold; strengthen nutrition, high protein and high -vitamin foods. (Correspondent Hong Xia)

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