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Keeping a dog at home can reduce the risk of children’s asthma

A latest study shows that in the first year of birth, raising a dog or other farm animals at home can reduce the risk of children with asthma. The study was published in Jama Pediatric Magazine on November 2.

Researchers will distribute the asthma diagnostic information of the Swedish National Patient’s Registration from February 2007 to September 2012. I have made comparative studies. The research objects include 377,000 preschool children and 276,000 school -age children, which are mainly targeted at the incidence of asthma and their early contact with dogs or farm animals.


Researchers have found that among these preschool children (before the age of 6), children who have been in contact with dogs before the age of 1 year old have a chance of suffering from asthma, which is 13%lower than those who have not touched the dog before the age of 1. The school-age children who often come into contact with farm animals before the age of 1 are 52%lower than those children who have not touched farm animals at the age of 6; the chance of suffering from asthma during the age of 1-5 is 31%lower.

The author of this study, Professor TOVE FALL from the University of Upesala, Sweden said: Based on these research results, we can confidently say that the dog at home makes Swedish children the chance of suffering from asthma before 6 years old, even if the child Parents have a history of asthma, and this result is still established.

Researchers said they were not sure what caused the relationship between early contact with animals and reducing asthma risk. Professor Fall said that this may be related to the lifestyle and attitude of dog -raising families. For example, in families with dogs, children’s outdoor activities and the chances of contact with dust and bacteria are much higher, because in the family with children and dogs, at home with dogs and dogs It is almost impossible to keep all places from being stained.

The results of the previous research on pets and children’s asthma risks were semi -ginseng. A study in 2001 showed that contacting pets may increase the risk of children’s asthma; The risk of asthma and allergies. At present, the most mainstream explanation is that children live in an animal environment, and this environment contains more bacteria, which may be the root cause of reducing the chance of suffering from asthma.

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Professor Fall said: “We want to tell those parents who want to keep pets through this study, don’t worry about children’s asthma because of this. But this suggestion is not suitable for families with a history of allergies. Fur -in allergies, it is best not to keep fur pets. “

Dr. Purvi Parikh from allergies and asthma networks said the new discovery is also in line with “hygiene hypothesis.” According to this hypothesis, early contact with bacteria is very important for shaping a healthy immune system, and can reduce the risk of people with asthma and allergies. Dr. Parikh said that a large part of allergies and asthma are affected by genetic factors, but the acquired living environment plays a vital role in the development of the immune system and the development of allergies and asthma.

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