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Kidney failure is always “silent”?Reminder: 3 habits to correct as soon as possible, the kidney will thank you

Uncle Liu is 60 years old. He usually has a stomachache after three differences. When he hurts, he eats some of them.

Two months ago, Uncle Liu had symptoms such as chest tightness, decreased appetite, and poor skin tone. He continued for a long time and did not improve. The family quickly took the hospital for examination.

After the consultation, the doctor said that Uncle Liu’s kidney decline was related to the use of antibiotic drugs. Not all stomach pain needed antibiotics. It is also the habit of eating medicine by Uncle Liu that his kidneys are slowly damaged.


First, will it be uremia?

Will you have uremia if you find renal failure? What facts do you know about renal failure?

Many renal failure belongs to the acute renal failure in the short term. If the patient’s kidney does not shrink and the renal envelope is also complete, it can generally be cured and scientifically regulate and treat it.

Moreover, renal failure is an anti -controllable and treatable disease. After suffering from chronic kidney disease, if you can adjust the diet structure to avoid random use of drugs and control blood pressure and proteinuria, it may also avoid developing renal failure.

However, if the abuse of drugs, especially Chinese herbal medicines such as aristolochic acid, and antipyretic analgesic drugs, can accelerate the damage of the kidneys and induce renal failure.

Therefore, it is necessary to treat chronic kidney disease scientifically. If chronic kidney disease is not actively treated and used in chaos, it may also promote kidney damage and develop kidney failure or uremia.

2. Early symptoms of renal failure, many people ignore

As a detoxification organs of the human body, the importance of the kidneys does not need to be said. If kidney failure, it will affect the health of the patient, and the severe life safety. Therefore, the kidney must be protected.

Chronic renal failure is a clinical syndrome that causes metabolites such as chronic diseases to develop metabolites such as metabolites in the body, which causes various physical symptoms. Chronic nephropathy is generally caused by diseases such as diabetic nephropathy, interstitial diseases, hereditary nephropathy, and hypertension renal arteriosclerosis.

After suffering from chronic renal failure, patients may have symptoms such as fatigue, back pain, poor appetite, increasing nighturia, and yellowing. However, because these symptoms are not unique to kidney disease, they are easily ignored.

To clarify whether it is chronic renal failure, it is recommended that patients with kidney disease conduct regular medical examinations. It can be screened through renal function tests, routine urine examinations, and color Doppler ultrasound in the urinary system. Early treatment can be found.

Third, the kidneys will not “shout”! Many people are still doing these ‘injury to the kidneys”

Because the kidneys do not shout, kidney disease is called a silent killer. If you want to stay away from kidney disease, you must do less kidney.

1. Drink less water

Drinking too little water may cause dehydration of the body, induces chronic kidney disease, and may also lead to too high urine concentration and increase the risk of renal stones. The World Health Organization suggested that under normal temperature, adult women should drink 2.2 liters of water every day and 2.9 liters of men’s drinking water.

2. Take medicine randomly

It is a three -point poison, such as a lot of kidney medicines for kidney, and antibiotics after a cold. There are certain renal toxicity, and it is not recommended to eat it randomly. If you take medicine, you must follow the doctor’s advice.

3. Eat more salt

What’s more?

Too much salt on the diet will cause the burden on the kidneys to increase and induce kidney damage. It is recommended that adults not exceed 6 grams of salt per day.

Many kidney -hurting behaviors will accelerate the injury of the kidneys, and even induce diseases such as chronic kidney disease and kidney failure. However, it is not necessary to suffer from uremia. Once it is found, it is necessary to actively treat it to avoid abuse of drugs.

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